01 January 2007

About Me

In a time far far away, I was someone most of my friends would barely recognize today.

But, two spaztastic babies later, I am defined by a few terms no one saw coming....

I am a strong believer in breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding and ecological nursing.

I tried cloth diapers, but it wasn't for me.

I recycle, and am pretty Nazi-esque about it.

I pick up a LOT of things with my toes.

I am a Republican (ehhh.... mostly... a little more towards the middle... WHY DO WE NOT HAVE A 3rd OPTION) and generally pro-life.

However, I don't have a clue why our government can tell us who we can and can not love, and therefore, want them to get out of marriage completely. That is to say, that I feel gay marriage should be left to those individuals that fall in love and feel that it is right for them. Our government, and certainly not myself, are not the Final Judgement. How one chooses to spend his or her life is THEIR decision.

I also want the government to let me spend my money the way I believe it should be spent.

I do not drink caffeine nor do I keep it in my house (except with the very, very rare occasion during which you can find me up at 5 AM without sleep because I starred at the ceiling all night...)

I try to offer my children as many unprocessed foods as possible (and that? rarely means we go a day without it... sigh...)

Reality television is my crack.

We believe and practice co-sleeping.

We also practice Natural Family Planning. (Strike that. where is my Mirena?) (revised: HERE's my Mirena Story)
(I still agree with NFP - I'm "using" the Mirena for weight gain and possible boobies ... we will see!)

AND - We practice Attachment Parenting.

My husband was raised baptist. I was raised Methodist, but found Catholicism in late High School and early College. In reality, I identify mostly with Catholicism, but do not currently practice Catholic doctrine (nor have I ever been confirmed...), mostly due to the fact that my husband is STILL baptist and we attend a traditional Methodist church.

I believe the Lord has His plan for my family, and I strive to be the wife, mother and daughter of Christ that I believe I should be. This is, by far, my biggest struggle.

With that said, I do cuss. I keep my blog PG-13, and try (very hard) not to say words in the "R" rating around my children. I am human, however.

I am extremely sarcastic.

I am also blunt, which sometimes comes across as bitchy. Really though, I don't get the point of skirting around an issue.

Orange-Pineapple Juice, please.

Ironing is a special form of crazy.

I own my feminism. It's a boob, I can say titties... I have a vagina, but it's on the INSIDE PEOPLE (outside = vulva OR labia... you pick).

On THAT note: FEEL YOUR BOOBIES, LADIES. Breast cancer can be caught early.

I like tv, a lot of tv, I hate cleaning - mostly laundry makes me want to hurl, and am very much a homebody.

The rest of me? Well, you can probably find it on my blog. I'm an open book!

MORE YOU SAY??!?! How sweet of you!
This is an excerpt from a previous post on March 26th, 2009 that says a bit about me:

Oh... uh... HI THERE!

Let me shove all this junk under a table, in a closet or into a shower with the curtain closed and I'll be riiiight with you.

Ah. There.

I'd hate to be a giant poser and make you think I'm some kind of neat freak that doesn't let her children or her family actually live in their house because I'm too obsessed with what people may think about me if I don't appear to live in a magazine....

Wait. Tangent!

My name is Amanda and my last name is hardly pronounceable. I'm 24, with a BIRTHDAY THIS Sunday (29th), making me a quarter of a century young now 25. Sweet.

I'm also the mother of 2 half-breed monkey/gorilla hybrids wonderfully rowdy boys (ages 3.75 and 15 months). I blog LIVE! from the a city somewhere in Alabama..

I am also a graduate of The University of Alabama with a degree in Public Relations/Advertising. I minored in Getting Knocked up by my Junior year and also graduated with my MRS. That makes me special... right?
Nowadays, I enjoy all the perks of The Mom Job and choose to blog about it for several reasons - it's therapeutic, I don't have the scrapbooking gene and writing is pretty much the only gift God gave me....

Yes, I use my childrens' real names. Most of you know them anyways.

I have the personality of a 6'6" man trapped in a 4'10.5" body. I'm loud, sometimes bitchy, occasionally moody, disorganized yet incredibly passionate and a total goofball. My friends just think I'm odd and that's fine by me.

What you can expect from my blog: 2-4 posts a week about the Special Form of Crazy I possess, my insane children (...and their poo...), a bad word or two (nothing too 'R' rated, I keep it PG-13 around these parts), the occasional tip or trick, a recipe or two, and The Funny.

What you can find somewhere other than my blog or nowhere at all: Porn. Financial advice (although the Hubster is a Stock Broker, we are required by this tiny group of federal agencies to keep hush hush on The Internets about that... you know... crazy SEC....), my SSN, my address, stories about my poo, boring blah blah blah about the more boring parts of the Mom Job (I try and leave that out for you guys...)

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