14 March 2007

I Heart Money

I've been into this online "survey" thing lately due to my recently deposited check of 8 bucks. I had signed up for this thing through a friend who claimed to be making a few extra dollars here and there doing some online crap. Of course, I was skeptical and only signed up and completed 4 surveys... but then a few weeks later, my check came in the mail.

Michael deposited the check. It was real (from Wachovia bank)... so, I logged back into my account and starting taking more surveys. I'm up to 40 bucks and I only started back on the 11th of this month. I spend about 30-40 minutes a day, so that's not bad....

They cut checks on the 20th of each month and I hope to have a hundred bucks by then...

If I do the math correctly, I make about 5-15 a day.... depending on how much time I can put into it. So, I could be seeing a couple hundred each month. Not too shabby... That's grocery money!

Those of you that know me are aware that I am very weary of scams, which is why I made up a new email account, phone number and am using an old address while filling out the surveys (my account info is correct of course, I want my checks to arrive safe and sound). I don't want spam in my "good" email, and I don't do the surveys that ask for you SSN or credit card info, duh.

Try it out. Do what I did and sign up, take a few, wait for the 20th, get your check, deposit the daylights out of it... then rinse and repeat.

Click here: http://www.cashcrate.com/index.php?ref=110980
Then thank me later.

Oh, and if you want an explanation as to why they pay you to take surveys, just ask my "I have a degree in advertising and public relations" butt.

08 March 2007


I've got a thousand business ideas. I need to make a list one day.


This drives me absolutely bonkers: Michael talks to himself constantly. He always has, well.. on and off. It gets bad every now and then. It's very similar to how you think to yourself constantly throughout the day. You know... that random stream of consciousness that varies from this to that and everywhere in between? Yup. Only Michael chooses (or maybe doesn't choose...idk) to voice his. And its not a loud voice... even better, it's a constant mummer or words all jumbled together in the volume you would use if say... you were saying a prayer out loud in a very public place. Honestly, unless you are paying attention to him it all sounds like Latin. But on top of all else: it is just annoying

Oh I've mentioned it to him. I don't find it normal, not the normal is necessary but if abnormal is driving me up the wall to the point that I can't hear the tv when he passes through the room, I'm damn well going to say something. But, alas... he didn't acknowledge it.

And while I'm on the subject of Michael and things he does that really tick me off... why doesn't he understand the word "shhhh". It's not a difficult one and I've even offered synonyms such as "be quiet" or "hush"... none seem to do the trick. He doesn't care if Conner is asleep or it's midnight.. as long as he is doing what he needs to do.

Oh yes, and lets talk about the internet thing for a second, seeing as he doesn't read this blog.

He has been spending HOURS on the computer in little middle school fights with random and complete strangers arguing over petty nonsense. I'd go into more detail, but then it would make him look even worse. He complains that he failed his recent series 7 test... well I've got news for him. Had he of studied and not played 2 whole days of Zelda on the Wii then used the remainder of the time to post immature messages on his little message board, he could have studied and passed. Him not passing is one of his topics for the "barely under his breath" conversations. More so, he acts as if I could have put more effort into him passing. You read that right. Me... yup. Right.... no.

C'est la vie I suppose.

05 March 2007

Jenny says, turn off the radio.

I'm exploring the fine world of Whataburger this past Sunday for the first time in hopes of finding a breakfast place faster than Flips (for those non-Montgomerians, that's a local joint that serves the best dang gravy biscuits but takes LITERALLY 15-20 minutes of waiting in your car...).

I pull up the Whataburger, look immediately to my right, and find this:

That my friends would be Cowboy Mouth's tour bus. I know, I know... they aren't Aerosmith or John Mayer, but they are a mighty fine band, of which I am a big fan.
I'm at the menu though and supposed to be ordering, but honestly I'm obviously too busy trying to take the above picture with my camera phone. So, being "distracted Amanda"... I enjoy my schoolgirl giddiness and drool on myself trying to bend my neck just to see the guys.
I flip down the mirror.. and think.... "ok, i could go next door to Arby's (where they are) and get an autograph. My mom's birthday is coming up and she loves them... plus one of the guys is super fine." Then, the mirror reminds me of one small problem: Conner managed to find a pen in the middle of the night and draw all the way from my shoulder to my fingers on both arms. Yes, that's right.... and I didn't wake up.
So, on top of me looking like death warmed over from no sleep (except during drawing hour apparently) since Conner's been sick, and my tacky t-shirt (it was free, mind you)... the only thing I've got going for me is my coach sunglasses. Not enough... they'd think they were knock-offs anyways.
Alas, I had a good breakfast, and while getting my HUGE drink from Whataburger... they did emerge from their tour bus looking honestly worse than I did in terms of a bad hair day but one of them, as predicted, was still mucho fine.
I ended up with no autograph but a fun story with my new breakfast place's gravy biscuits.

02 March 2007

Excuse me, but move.

I'm not the slowest person in the world, we'll.... not in my car at least. When I turn into my neighborhood after a 2 hour class at antiquated university (AUM), I want to get to my house. That's right people: I actually WANT to go home. So you can imagine how pissy I get when someone decides to get in my way.

For example, I am turning onto Atlanta Hwy (the part that runs in front of my neighborhood) last night, and I get to top out at a startling 32 mph. For the record: the speed limit is at least 45... i think.

The car in front of me seems to be in a loosing race with the short bus.

Then, the car proceeds to turn into my neighborhood. Just freaking peachy. I get to endure 15 more minutes of this for the 1 mile it takes to reach my house. I think to myself "Self, maybe they live in the beginning of the neighborhood". Self was wrong.

The car keeps going, a good 12 mph I believe. Come on! I know its a neighborhood and not an interstate, and I've probably hit a few kids before without blinking thinking I ran over a coke can or something... but sheesh SPEED UP!

I predicted it correctly though... they were going to be all of the following on top of unbelievably slow:
1) A wide-swinged turner. Definition: one who believes that the entire width of the street is there for you to swing out completely only to turn into your driveway that is 2 car lengths wide.
This means it adds an additional 2 minutes onto my journey because passing them becomes a non-option as I can just zoom by.

2) The complete stopper. Definition: one who finds deep satisfaction in both delaying the time before they get out of their car AND making me come to a complete stop after being on their bumper for the past 57 minutes.
Yup. Complete stop for a short driveway after you've been going SO fast... Totally necessary. Really.

and finally...
3) My next door neighbor. I don't need to define that. But yes, they had to irritate the heck out of me AND bypass all the other homes in the area where they could have gotten out of my way.

People, seriously. But now I'm home, and it only took a few weeks.

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