02 March 2007

Excuse me, but move.

I'm not the slowest person in the world, we'll.... not in my car at least. When I turn into my neighborhood after a 2 hour class at antiquated university (AUM), I want to get to my house. That's right people: I actually WANT to go home. So you can imagine how pissy I get when someone decides to get in my way.

For example, I am turning onto Atlanta Hwy (the part that runs in front of my neighborhood) last night, and I get to top out at a startling 32 mph. For the record: the speed limit is at least 45... i think.

The car in front of me seems to be in a loosing race with the short bus.

Then, the car proceeds to turn into my neighborhood. Just freaking peachy. I get to endure 15 more minutes of this for the 1 mile it takes to reach my house. I think to myself "Self, maybe they live in the beginning of the neighborhood". Self was wrong.

The car keeps going, a good 12 mph I believe. Come on! I know its a neighborhood and not an interstate, and I've probably hit a few kids before without blinking thinking I ran over a coke can or something... but sheesh SPEED UP!

I predicted it correctly though... they were going to be all of the following on top of unbelievably slow:
1) A wide-swinged turner. Definition: one who believes that the entire width of the street is there for you to swing out completely only to turn into your driveway that is 2 car lengths wide.
This means it adds an additional 2 minutes onto my journey because passing them becomes a non-option as I can just zoom by.

2) The complete stopper. Definition: one who finds deep satisfaction in both delaying the time before they get out of their car AND making me come to a complete stop after being on their bumper for the past 57 minutes.
Yup. Complete stop for a short driveway after you've been going SO fast... Totally necessary. Really.

and finally...
3) My next door neighbor. I don't need to define that. But yes, they had to irritate the heck out of me AND bypass all the other homes in the area where they could have gotten out of my way.

People, seriously. But now I'm home, and it only took a few weeks.
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