14 March 2007

I Heart Money

I've been into this online "survey" thing lately due to my recently deposited check of 8 bucks. I had signed up for this thing through a friend who claimed to be making a few extra dollars here and there doing some online crap. Of course, I was skeptical and only signed up and completed 4 surveys... but then a few weeks later, my check came in the mail.

Michael deposited the check. It was real (from Wachovia bank)... so, I logged back into my account and starting taking more surveys. I'm up to 40 bucks and I only started back on the 11th of this month. I spend about 30-40 minutes a day, so that's not bad....

They cut checks on the 20th of each month and I hope to have a hundred bucks by then...

If I do the math correctly, I make about 5-15 a day.... depending on how much time I can put into it. So, I could be seeing a couple hundred each month. Not too shabby... That's grocery money!

Those of you that know me are aware that I am very weary of scams, which is why I made up a new email account, phone number and am using an old address while filling out the surveys (my account info is correct of course, I want my checks to arrive safe and sound). I don't want spam in my "good" email, and I don't do the surveys that ask for you SSN or credit card info, duh.

Try it out. Do what I did and sign up, take a few, wait for the 20th, get your check, deposit the daylights out of it... then rinse and repeat.

Click here: http://www.cashcrate.com/index.php?ref=110980
Then thank me later.

Oh, and if you want an explanation as to why they pay you to take surveys, just ask my "I have a degree in advertising and public relations" butt.


  1. ooo i might have to try that on monday after our playdate when my world has stopped spinning.

  2. Oh!!! I'll have to try that too...sounds like easy money!


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