05 March 2007

Jenny says, turn off the radio.

I'm exploring the fine world of Whataburger this past Sunday for the first time in hopes of finding a breakfast place faster than Flips (for those non-Montgomerians, that's a local joint that serves the best dang gravy biscuits but takes LITERALLY 15-20 minutes of waiting in your car...).

I pull up the Whataburger, look immediately to my right, and find this:

That my friends would be Cowboy Mouth's tour bus. I know, I know... they aren't Aerosmith or John Mayer, but they are a mighty fine band, of which I am a big fan.
I'm at the menu though and supposed to be ordering, but honestly I'm obviously too busy trying to take the above picture with my camera phone. So, being "distracted Amanda"... I enjoy my schoolgirl giddiness and drool on myself trying to bend my neck just to see the guys.
I flip down the mirror.. and think.... "ok, i could go next door to Arby's (where they are) and get an autograph. My mom's birthday is coming up and she loves them... plus one of the guys is super fine." Then, the mirror reminds me of one small problem: Conner managed to find a pen in the middle of the night and draw all the way from my shoulder to my fingers on both arms. Yes, that's right.... and I didn't wake up.
So, on top of me looking like death warmed over from no sleep (except during drawing hour apparently) since Conner's been sick, and my tacky t-shirt (it was free, mind you)... the only thing I've got going for me is my coach sunglasses. Not enough... they'd think they were knock-offs anyways.
Alas, I had a good breakfast, and while getting my HUGE drink from Whataburger... they did emerge from their tour bus looking honestly worse than I did in terms of a bad hair day but one of them, as predicted, was still mucho fine.
I ended up with no autograph but a fun story with my new breakfast place's gravy biscuits.
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