08 March 2007


This drives me absolutely bonkers: Michael talks to himself constantly. He always has, well.. on and off. It gets bad every now and then. It's very similar to how you think to yourself constantly throughout the day. You know... that random stream of consciousness that varies from this to that and everywhere in between? Yup. Only Michael chooses (or maybe doesn't choose...idk) to voice his. And its not a loud voice... even better, it's a constant mummer or words all jumbled together in the volume you would use if say... you were saying a prayer out loud in a very public place. Honestly, unless you are paying attention to him it all sounds like Latin. But on top of all else: it is just annoying

Oh I've mentioned it to him. I don't find it normal, not the normal is necessary but if abnormal is driving me up the wall to the point that I can't hear the tv when he passes through the room, I'm damn well going to say something. But, alas... he didn't acknowledge it.

And while I'm on the subject of Michael and things he does that really tick me off... why doesn't he understand the word "shhhh". It's not a difficult one and I've even offered synonyms such as "be quiet" or "hush"... none seem to do the trick. He doesn't care if Conner is asleep or it's midnight.. as long as he is doing what he needs to do.

Oh yes, and lets talk about the internet thing for a second, seeing as he doesn't read this blog.

He has been spending HOURS on the computer in little middle school fights with random and complete strangers arguing over petty nonsense. I'd go into more detail, but then it would make him look even worse. He complains that he failed his recent series 7 test... well I've got news for him. Had he of studied and not played 2 whole days of Zelda on the Wii then used the remainder of the time to post immature messages on his little message board, he could have studied and passed. Him not passing is one of his topics for the "barely under his breath" conversations. More so, he acts as if I could have put more effort into him passing. You read that right. Me... yup. Right.... no.

C'est la vie I suppose.


  1. So how do you really feel? :-)

  2. Well Laura, I think I summed it up. But maybe I should have elaborated a bit more: HE DRIVES ME NUTS SOMETIMES!


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