02 July 2007

20 things I want to do before I kick the bucket.

I'm pretty sure this was an American Express commercial (print ad) that I picked up on in a doctor's office. It was months and months ago but, I remember thinking it would make a good blog. So, here goes!

1. See the Taj Mahal. It's an easy no.1 as I've always been fascinated by it.

2. Watch a space shuttle take off (maybe at night too.. that'd be sweet).

3. Take my son to an Alabama football game once he's old enough to enjoy it.

4. Visit Greece.

5. See the Vatican and buy a rosary there.

6. Meet someone ultra famous in a completely random way.

7. Work for a hospital in crisis management. 

8. Rekindle my passion for layout design and teach it as a seminar to college publications (long-lived goal of mine... sigh).

9. See Conner graduate college and find something he is truly passionate about.

10. Make sushi.

11. Visit Indonesia. Beautiful beaches.

12. Climb a (small) mountain in Colorado or some place with gorgeous scenery.

13. Own a penguin. :)

14. See the Northern Lights.

15. Shop inside the Taipai Towers.

16. Sail in the Mediterranean.

17. Walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and his disciples. Basically, to spend a few weeks (month) in Israel. I also hear they have beautiful beaches.

18. Wear a pair of really expensive Prada shoes.

19. Visit the Tower of London.

20. See the Red Square in Russia.

Only doing 20 was hard even though it took me long enough to think of them.

Now... you give it a shot!

Edit: I just had to add a few more things after thinking about this post late the other night.

21. Watch a live volcano erupt.

22. Take my hubby on a surprise trip. He'd love to see some movie sets in Hollywood... or a distant tropical island where we'd have a cute little bungalow on stilts in the water (you know... the ones with the holes in the floor for watching fish...)

23. Own a tropical drink stand on said tropical island.

24. Do pottery.

... Other stuff too...


  1. i love how 17 is followed by 18....and how the hut has a hole in it for watching fish...i was thinking it was to go to the bathroom....

  2. Ok, so maybe they shouldn't be next to one another. Or just maybe I can walk in the footsteps of Christ in really expensive Prada shoes.

    Hows about that, eh?


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