18 July 2007


Two great achievements in Conner's budding language abilities occured yesterday during the lunch hour.

First, we went to get my growing belly some garments that don't make me look like a tramp (you know, the kind that actually fit...) at Eastchase. We opted for Rue 21 since they have cute stuff pretty cheap. It just so happens that they don't open till 10 and I was there at 9:30.

So we went for a field trip to PetSmart and ventured near the kittens for adoption. We strolled past a few until Conner flung out his arms towards a glass cage with 2 kittens, one grey and one orange (2 and 4 months respectively).

Conner: Helwo? Helwo? (Hello, Hello)
(pause) Helwo?
Meow? Meeooow.
Meow, Helwo?
then he turned to me..
Mine? Meow mine!
so I stop and explain to him that the kitties have to stay there. This is where they live, and daddy would have a fit if we brought one home. So, Conner took a deep breath and turned back to the kitty.
Meow, Bye. Bye bye.

Too funny for me. Really.

Then, after we made it back home with our Guthrie's (yummm), Conner was stuffing his face with french fries, special sauce and chicken fingers. He was almost close to done but I figured I'd shoot for another bite of chicken. So I asked "Would you like some more chicken?" To which he replies "No shicken. Tanks". I died laughing.

First time I've ever heard him say chicken (even if the first two syllables were incorrect).

More blogging on his picture session today a bit later!


  1. i'll comment and say that was too cute!!

  2. I love hearing about kids' first words! :-)


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