12 July 2007

One bunny, Two

Ashley blogged about a bunny incident she encountered a few months back while venturing in her backyard.

Well, Ash, he now lives with us. Thanks.

Michael was out mowing the lawn last week when I hear him screaming like a school girl from the front yard. I pause and try not to think about which limb he prospectively has cut off.

No missing limbs, just a happy as a 4-year-old hubby in the bushes bent over a small creature. A little baby bunny. Adorable, yet scared stiff.

Poor thing. 

Michael is very loving of animals, which is something I in turn love about him. We'd probably have an indoor farm if not for our frequent sanity checks and minuet amount of self-control. So, he asks "What do they eat?" ... followed by "Go get some lettuce."

First off, we have no lettuce. But I do have stale bread. They eat that, no? 

We pulled off two failed green bell peppers from my plants, along with 1 piece of stale wheat bread and a few grapes. Quite the meal, I might say.

So, now we are the proud owners of a yard bunny. Conner LOVED it and called it his "doggie". Yet sadly, we haven't seen yard bunny since that day. If you are reading this yard bunny, come back home... and please don't stray near the Mills house.


  1. hahahaha! thats funny you got a pic of him! I swear we are swiss family robinson around here. next thing ya know ill be battling an anaconda in our back yard in an episode of GO DIEGO GO!!!!

  2. please don't battle an large snakes... call a professional.


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