18 July 2007

Picture this!

Conner's portraits from Portrait Innovations. I'd venture to say they are better than his super expensive pics from a professional photographer in the Ham. Plus, they cost about a third. Yay!


  1. Those are great pictures! He's such a handsome little man!

  2. Those are so cute! What's Portrait Innovations?

  3. Thanks Jamey and Lerra. I had a really great experience with Portrait Innovations. They were super nice and great with Conner. He never cried and had a BALL (a soccer ball at that).

    Lerra - Portrait Innovations is a photography studio in the East Chase mall area. (Next to GNC I think, by Storkland and Name Dropper). They have great picture packages, tons of back drops and props, as well as an awesome staff. They use digital cameras which allows them to move more, so your kid has to move less. Yay! Plus, you get your pictures within 15 minutes of the end of your session. No waiting for weeks! I will certainly be going back.

  4. sounds like fun! those are very cute.


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