24 July 2007

Random tips

Yes, I do read others' blogs. Guilty. It's part "nosey neighbor", part sheer interest in others and part me enjoying the basics of sociology.
So, I've noticed many people giving random, yet useful, household and mommy related tips. I'm going to give it a try.

Mommy Tips:
1) Use lemon juice to stop browning is a common tip in the kitchen. But many moms don't think to apply it to every toddler's fav: the banana.
At our house, Conner enjoys what we call "the banana phone". In which, he acts hungry and tricks us into getting a banana down from the counter. Then, he begins to dial and talk to the banana. Good times. Except that he won't eat it. So, we open the banana and throw away the peel. Problem? He probably wasn't hungry to begin with and won't eat it. I finally decided I was tired of throwing away browned bananas and tried putting just a small amount of lemon juice on it and placed it in a plastic bag in the frig. To my surprise, the next day I found a perfectly good, yet cold, non-browned banana in my frig.
Trick is: only use a small amount. Too much and you'll homemade banana-lemonade mush. Yuck.
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