28 August 2007

Things I love from the last week...

1. Wienies and Kraut
I know half of you are saying "eww" and the other half don't have a clue what I'm talking about, but this classic German dish was a staple of my childhood (as my mother's maiden name is Pitzing, and that couldn't be more German). Apparently, as a young child I hated the kraut part and made my mother pick off every last piece before serving it. Little did she know that I remember LOVING the taste of the kraut, but hating the texture (she just thought I was being a brat).

I started craving this simple dish about 2 weeks ago. Especially the smell it fills the kitchen with. It's a strange vinegar aroma and makes my mouth water instantly! Yum. So, I called my mom for the very short recipe which includes a little onion powder, Bavarian kraut, and hot dogs (is it ironic that I use jewish hot dogs for this German dish???). You throw everything into a pot on the stove (cut up the dogs first) and cook till the kraut softens and the wienies are done. Too good. Conner hates it.

2. Cabbage Patch Newborn named Ashlyn
They didn't have any boy cabbage patch kid's in the "newborn" size.
We broke down after Ashley's stint with the cabbage patch doll and bought Conner one too. We brought it home, opened the box and Conner fell in love. He immediately started hugging and kissing the doll, was ultra sweet and even fed it a bottle. I emptied out a diaper box and made a bed for it. Conner put her to sleep saying "Night night". Adorable. Then...

...He climbed in with her.

So far, things are going well with this "practice baby". He is super sweet and the process has actually made me feel better about bringing another little one home. Yay.

3. I'm Huge
As in "being so big that I can't see anything past my belly button until you reach my lower thigh". Yeah.. so I actually don't like this one, but it is worth noting. Michael told me yesterday that I am approaching the size I was during my 8th month of pregnancy with Conner. That's great. No wienies and kraut for him. For those of you who have not experienced the joy that is not seeing your private parts for months, here's a bird's eye view:

The second pic is just of me entering my 23rd week minus, of course, my head. I really don't know how I can get too much bigger without exploding first. When is December going to get here???!!!

4. "Where's Fog?" "SEE!"
This is a great game to play with Conner... that is.. for the first 20 minutes. Michael has a small obsession with catching the 15 million species of frogs that come out after a good rain here in Montgomery. Seriously, we had to stop the car one night as we turned onto our street because he needed to chase a frog. Conner has quickly caught on to his daddy's passion for amphibians, and can now be found at almost any moment of the day with his "geen fog" (that's green frog for those of you who don't speak toddler), which is basically two small plastic green toys. One is actually a turtle and the other a lizard. Funny we didn't have any frogs...

You see, "geen fog" LOVES to hide (in Conner's hand, behind his back). Conner comes up to you and says "Where's fog?". You, in turn, are expected to reply "I don't see the frog! Where did it go?" to which Conner replies "Idunno" then he pulls out his hand, opens it up and says "See!". Fun. Problem: he won't stop! But it is super cute and he is coming up with ways to hide the frog better (in boxes, your shirt or in a cup for example).

5. Cherry Limeade
I made the mistake of hoping in the car every time I wanted one of these and driving to Sonic. Stupid me. I probably gained 10 lbs in chili cheese coney's alone (at 9:30 a.m. no less). So, I finally decided to give it a shot. The easiest thing I've ever done and I love it! All you need is one can of lemon-lime soda (I started buying the Publix brand, but Sprite and 7-up are obviously good choices). Mix in 2-3 tablespoons of cherry syrup ( use a little more) and 1-2 tablespoons of lime juice. Pour it all over crushed ice and enjoy! Let me know if you wanna come over for one!

6. It's Mary's Birthday Today!
She's old. 24. Is it just Mary and I, or does 25 sound really old? Almost as if 26 sounds better... maybe we will just skip that year. Anyways, happy birthday Miss Mary! Now come get your present because I'm fat and lazy.

22 August 2007

Cupcakes and Infant Swings

May I introduced you to my BEAUTIFUL Tiffany blue cupcake series? Excellent.

It took awhile to figure out the exact amount of blue and green to get just the right shade. It still isn't as dark as Tiffany blue, but that's only because I wanted it this shade. Plus, they are delicious. My next adventure in the world of cupcakes and icing is a white chocolate icing for yellow cake mix. Yummy!

On another note, the infant swing is being acclimated inside the house now and has taken semi-permanent residence in our kitchen. Conner seems to be enthralled with the swing, and after many scoldings from his parental units, has now won the war. After many failed attempts on his behalf to climb into the swing (much of which meant him landing smack on his face), he discovered that a little patience and the right timing were the trick.

Today at lunch, after fighting me for over 15 minutes and refusing to eat, Conner put his size 7 shoe down. "No bite, no bite, no eat" followed by "No high chair". I suppose this means he is done? I was tired of him by this point, so I let him down. He swiftly made a b-line for the swing, climbed in and OPENED HIS MOUTH! YAY! So this is how Conner ate his lunch today:

At least he is cute when he acts up...

20 August 2007

The wheels on the bus.

It's the time again for Target and Wal-Mart to be buzzing with the sound of little feet, stressed-out parents and tons of things to spend money on - School Supplies! I've now been "without class" for a full semester, going on 2, which is the longest I've been without school since I was 4.

After graduating high school, I spent the summer working then moved to Montevallo for a degree is professional roommate-swapping. After being partially stalked on-campus, afraid to shower without a buddy and bored with the small-town atmosphere ... I made the smartest decision of my life. I left Montevallo and transferred to Bama.

My first semester at Bama was trying, it took me awhile to become accustomed to the "roll tide lifestyle", but with help from Michael I settled in quite nicely, although my grades sang a different tune. I then proceeded to spend the next 3 1/2 years busting my tush off (including all summers) to get out of school (with better grades). That probably being my dumbest decision yet.

I left Bama last summer with a bachelor's of arts in Advertising/ Public Relations with an emphasis in the later and a minor in Psychology (honestly, I was only 3 classes from a double major). I cried the last few times I drove out of Tuscaloosa, looking back to see the bright lights of Bryant-Denny. I knew I'd miss it, I just never knew how intense the feelings would be.

Not being able to resist the urge to "get schooled", I signed up (after one semester off) for a graduate class at AUM. Bad idea. It was rough... the school that is. Then, I moved on to do a practicum with Michael's work through UA. That is now over though, and here I sit.

I've always loved school supply shopping, and for as long as I can recall I've had a reason to do it. A comfort ritual in some aspects, as it always meant I was gearing up for new adventures. I particularly enjoy fresh binders, new fancy pens and obscure erasers.

I have no intentions, as of now, to begin a new chapter in my life-long education. Mostly because of the arrival of baby boy #2, and the fact that I am enjoying this time with Conner as a stay-at-home. If we ever move back to Birmingham, I will probably find it irresistible to enroll in UAB ... graduate degree program to be determined...

For now though ... I need to focus more on my family (and on figuring out how to use aforementioned degree) and less on the idea that school is something I "have" to be involved in. But that doesn't mean anyone will be able to pry me from the glue sticks, a new box of crayons, or some dice shaped erasers.

11 August 2007

The Amazing Waddling Woman

It's one of those "pregnancy things" that creeps me out a bit. Nothing gross, just a reminder of how big I am and how much your body changes during this glorious transition period (right).

I noticed it today, after showering. I can't recall it happening this early with Conner but I remember thinking last week that it was bound to occur soon.

You see, mounted halfway down my watermelon tummy is now a protruding belly button, an outie where my innie once existed.

10 August 2007

A Week In the Life of Conner

After gaining a new love for picking poison oak, and an even bigger love for getting sick by sticking his hands in goodness knows what ... Conner has spent the entire last week with a moderate staph infection on his poison oak lesions. Yay.

And I... being ... weird .. really wanted a pic of it. I think it's because for
1) people for the most part don't understand how bad a staph infection in a 2-year-old can be and
2) I want to be able to show him in 5 years what he managed to do to himself.

However, the only pictures I could get were from today, after being on antibiotics for the past week, so they are very, very mild.

He'll be better in a week, we hope.

But since he's been sick, we've let him watch as many cartoons as he wants and sit in his favorite spot in the house. We are thrilled... really.. for this to be his favorite:

And lastly, nothing seems to make a boo-boo feel better than mom's new obsession with cake and chocolate icing. We call them chocolate kisses!

Oh and since I only have 4 readers, I've been reluctant to make an "it's a boy" post... seeing as you already know. I don't have my ultrasound pics scanned in yet, but just know that baby no. 2 was not at all shy in showing us his manhood :)! Now we need boy names!

07 August 2007


I hear the first step to recovery...
... is admitting you have a problem.

And I...

Just bought more cake mix.

04 August 2007

How much is too much?

As I enter the halfway point in my pregnancy (20 weeks this upcoming week), I realize that I've been more "pregnant" than last time around. I've experienced more aches and pains, more headaches, more fatigue and above all else - more cravings.

Mostly, I blame this on my natural self. I've always eaten strange things in large quantities, having been known as the girl who lived on mini-eggo waffles for practically every meal for 2 weeks. I eat and eat all I can of the one thing I want, then never want it again.

My current pregnancy obsession is yellow cake. My family (and one neighbor) can attest to my recent baking ode to this spongy goodness. Last Tuesday night, I made 36 cupcakes with chocolate icing and some with sprinkles. Aside from the 6 I gave away and the 6 Michael and Conner ate, the rest were consumed by me ...
in 2 days...

Yup, that's right. All gone. In my belly. Oh yummy yummy.

So one might believe that this would compel me to rid myself and home of yellow cake. Nope. I found myself in the baking aisle again last night ... sifting through betty crocker and duncan hines.. wondering which one was actually fluffier, tastier, and more delectable. I made a personal vow to try them all, and decide for myself.
Now here I am. One and a half hours after I've made dinner. One and a half days after consuming the last of my cupcakes. In the kitchen. Cake in oven...

Just waiting on the timer...

So I must ask the question ... How much is too much?

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