11 August 2007

The Amazing Waddling Woman

It's one of those "pregnancy things" that creeps me out a bit. Nothing gross, just a reminder of how big I am and how much your body changes during this glorious transition period (right).

I noticed it today, after showering. I can't recall it happening this early with Conner but I remember thinking last week that it was bound to occur soon.

You see, mounted halfway down my watermelon tummy is now a protruding belly button, an outie where my innie once existed.


  1. Yeah...I hate that part. Mine is sticking out to the point that even loose shirts show the new 'outie.' My friend says that means pregnant women are "done" b/c the 'thermometer' popped out. Nice.

  2. ha! mine never did, and i wanted it to, because it think its cute!!! my belly gets fuzzy toward the end. like a peach. is that wierd??

  3. Eww.. no fuzzy belly button's Ash!

    Jamey - I'm pretty sure the baby isn't "done" now, at only 21 weeks. People have some crazy ideas...
    I fear when I can see my outtie through my shirts!

  4. Put Oliver on the baby name poll! Who cares what Michael thinks! :-)

  5. Mine never popped out... unfotunately. My stomach got SOOO big and i prayed and prayed it would. So instead, my belly button just ached for weeks and weeks. It really was one of my biggest complaints.

    you're lucky it popped out. Even if it looks crazy, it's not killing you.



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