22 August 2007

Cupcakes and Infant Swings

May I introduced you to my BEAUTIFUL Tiffany blue cupcake series? Excellent.

It took awhile to figure out the exact amount of blue and green to get just the right shade. It still isn't as dark as Tiffany blue, but that's only because I wanted it this shade. Plus, they are delicious. My next adventure in the world of cupcakes and icing is a white chocolate icing for yellow cake mix. Yummy!

On another note, the infant swing is being acclimated inside the house now and has taken semi-permanent residence in our kitchen. Conner seems to be enthralled with the swing, and after many scoldings from his parental units, has now won the war. After many failed attempts on his behalf to climb into the swing (much of which meant him landing smack on his face), he discovered that a little patience and the right timing were the trick.

Today at lunch, after fighting me for over 15 minutes and refusing to eat, Conner put his size 7 shoe down. "No bite, no bite, no eat" followed by "No high chair". I suppose this means he is done? I was tired of him by this point, so I let him down. He swiftly made a b-line for the swing, climbed in and OPENED HIS MOUTH! YAY! So this is how Conner ate his lunch today:

At least he is cute when he acts up...


  1. It's going to be hell for you when there's a brand new baby in that swing and Conner can't sit in it.

  2. I'm with sara. I smell trouble. we just got our loaned-out jumperoo back, and it was in our kitchen before it promptly was placed back in the garage, but that used to be aiden's fave. therefore he tried to climb in it. nice.

  3. It has been decided that the swing will not be used for round two. We are going to get a smaller one. So Conner can keep on until he breaks the darn thing.


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