04 August 2007

How much is too much?

As I enter the halfway point in my pregnancy (20 weeks this upcoming week), I realize that I've been more "pregnant" than last time around. I've experienced more aches and pains, more headaches, more fatigue and above all else - more cravings.

Mostly, I blame this on my natural self. I've always eaten strange things in large quantities, having been known as the girl who lived on mini-eggo waffles for practically every meal for 2 weeks. I eat and eat all I can of the one thing I want, then never want it again.

My current pregnancy obsession is yellow cake. My family (and one neighbor) can attest to my recent baking ode to this spongy goodness. Last Tuesday night, I made 36 cupcakes with chocolate icing and some with sprinkles. Aside from the 6 I gave away and the 6 Michael and Conner ate, the rest were consumed by me ...
in 2 days...

Yup, that's right. All gone. In my belly. Oh yummy yummy.

So one might believe that this would compel me to rid myself and home of yellow cake. Nope. I found myself in the baking aisle again last night ... sifting through betty crocker and duncan hines.. wondering which one was actually fluffier, tastier, and more delectable. I made a personal vow to try them all, and decide for myself.
Now here I am. One and a half hours after I've made dinner. One and a half days after consuming the last of my cupcakes. In the kitchen. Cake in oven...

Just waiting on the timer...

So I must ask the question ... How much is too much?


  1. When you're pregnant, you can eat as much as you want, right? :-)

    You just made me crave cake. And I certainly don't have any in this house! Dratz.

  2. It's never too much. just so you know. hurray for yellow cake and chocolate frosting!!! MMMMMMMMM!!!!

  3. cake sounds yummy...

    I don't have a particular craving; just anything anyone suggests at the time sounds good.

    I take that back. I've lived on chocolate milk for the past three months.


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