10 August 2007

A Week In the Life of Conner

After gaining a new love for picking poison oak, and an even bigger love for getting sick by sticking his hands in goodness knows what ... Conner has spent the entire last week with a moderate staph infection on his poison oak lesions. Yay.

And I... being ... weird .. really wanted a pic of it. I think it's because for
1) people for the most part don't understand how bad a staph infection in a 2-year-old can be and
2) I want to be able to show him in 5 years what he managed to do to himself.

However, the only pictures I could get were from today, after being on antibiotics for the past week, so they are very, very mild.

He'll be better in a week, we hope.

But since he's been sick, we've let him watch as many cartoons as he wants and sit in his favorite spot in the house. We are thrilled... really.. for this to be his favorite:

And lastly, nothing seems to make a boo-boo feel better than mom's new obsession with cake and chocolate icing. We call them chocolate kisses!

Oh and since I only have 4 readers, I've been reluctant to make an "it's a boy" post... seeing as you already know. I don't have my ultrasound pics scanned in yet, but just know that baby no. 2 was not at all shy in showing us his manhood :)! Now we need boy names!


  1. I was just about to ask when you were gonna announce the baby boy! I like Oliver since it's your maiden name. We have ZERO good maiden names in our family, so I encourage all mommies with good maiden names to use them! I guess Ashley's not gonna use Malone. Womp woooomp.

  2. I actually really like Oliver, too. Thing is: Michael needs a little persuasion.

  3. Yeah! I didn't know it was a boy! Congrats.

    I like Conner's choice of seating!


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