20 August 2007

The wheels on the bus.

It's the time again for Target and Wal-Mart to be buzzing with the sound of little feet, stressed-out parents and tons of things to spend money on - School Supplies! I've now been "without class" for a full semester, going on 2, which is the longest I've been without school since I was 4.

After graduating high school, I spent the summer working then moved to Montevallo for a degree is professional roommate-swapping. After being partially stalked on-campus, afraid to shower without a buddy and bored with the small-town atmosphere ... I made the smartest decision of my life. I left Montevallo and transferred to Bama.

My first semester at Bama was trying, it took me awhile to become accustomed to the "roll tide lifestyle", but with help from Michael I settled in quite nicely, although my grades sang a different tune. I then proceeded to spend the next 3 1/2 years busting my tush off (including all summers) to get out of school (with better grades). That probably being my dumbest decision yet.

I left Bama last summer with a bachelor's of arts in Advertising/ Public Relations with an emphasis in the later and a minor in Psychology (honestly, I was only 3 classes from a double major). I cried the last few times I drove out of Tuscaloosa, looking back to see the bright lights of Bryant-Denny. I knew I'd miss it, I just never knew how intense the feelings would be.

Not being able to resist the urge to "get schooled", I signed up (after one semester off) for a graduate class at AUM. Bad idea. It was rough... the school that is. Then, I moved on to do a practicum with Michael's work through UA. That is now over though, and here I sit.

I've always loved school supply shopping, and for as long as I can recall I've had a reason to do it. A comfort ritual in some aspects, as it always meant I was gearing up for new adventures. I particularly enjoy fresh binders, new fancy pens and obscure erasers.

I have no intentions, as of now, to begin a new chapter in my life-long education. Mostly because of the arrival of baby boy #2, and the fact that I am enjoying this time with Conner as a stay-at-home. If we ever move back to Birmingham, I will probably find it irresistible to enroll in UAB ... graduate degree program to be determined...

For now though ... I need to focus more on my family (and on figuring out how to use aforementioned degree) and less on the idea that school is something I "have" to be involved in. But that doesn't mean anyone will be able to pry me from the glue sticks, a new box of crayons, or some dice shaped erasers.


  1. bwaaaaaaaahhhhh! have we talked about this? because I feel as though I wrote this post. This may sound wierd, but I LOVE THE SMELL of new supplies!!! I absolutely love it! and I really love a fresh sketch book and a nicely sharpened mechanical pencil paired with a wonderful long eraser...the kind that lasts forever and clicks out of its dispenser until you have used it all up...sigh...I think its time to go shopping again...

  2. It constantly amazes me how many friends I have who LOVE school. And I despise it! How ironic. I was SO glad to be done when I graduated from Faulkner, and when people asked if I would pursue my master's degree, I giggled at the thought. I guess I've just always been a working girl. Boring, I know. :-)

  3. I'm a little late on the posting to this but I'm right there with you!!.....sigh..about two wks ago I was in Target and all Belmont and Vandy freshmen where buying up dorm and school supplies. I'm with you, I never expected to miss it this much. I wanna go back too, but instead of kids I have some debt to pay off!! :-( Maybe I could find a way to be a professional student!! ;-)


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