06 September 2007

In 500 words or less...

A long-time friend of mine, Chasity, has 2 children: a boy and a girl ages 2 and 3, respectively. I remembered the other day that once while playdating with her at her house, she had compiled a list of all the words her little girl (then 2) could say. When I first saw it, I thought about how neat that would be to look back on in a few years (or 10), and decided that if I remembered it when Conner started talking I would do the same. However, I think if I wrote it down and put it on my frig, as she did, it would NEVER make it into a baby book and would be more likely to end up being turned over and made into a scribble page or a grocery list, then discarded. So here is my digital version for all the world to see.

This list will be added to over the next few weeks, as to get an accurate account of the words Conner can say in his 27 month:

People and Pets:
Mamma, Dadda, Nana (my mom), Charlie ("Chi"), Squishy ("she"), Baby

Banana, Grape ("Gape"), Juice-Juice, Drink, Cheese (thanks to Aiden), Chicken ("Shicken"), Cookie, Chip, Dip-Dip (chip dip), "Yum", "Bite", Water, Eat

Greetings and Sayings:
Hello (and also Hey and Hi), Bye, Night-Night, Kiss, See you!, "Where did it go?", "I dunno", Come here (usually "mere"), No, No-Nos, Uh-oh, Yes, Please ("Peez"), Thanks ("Tanks"), Hurt, Mine, You sleep ("You seep"), Hot, Go

Sheep, Moo, Pig (although not properly pronounced...), Roar (Lion), Dog, Meow (a cat), Bird, Frog ("fog"), Dragonfly ("gonfly"), all bugs are called "ewww"

Moon, Bowl, Swing, Chair (which is used as both the noun and as a verb meaning to sit), Sit, Remote ("Mote"), Bath, Spoon, Truck, Train, Ball, Shoe, Book, Bra (we took a trip to Victoria Secret and that's what he learned), Door, Light ("ight"), Balloon (more commonly "boon")

Colors and Numbers:
Blue and Green (he recognizes these plus red and yellow, but can't say them yet, and obviously he still slips up on getting them right sometimes), One, Two, Three, Five (poor 4...)

Parts of the body:
Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Teeth, Ear, Foot, Butt (we don't know WHY he picked up butt, and we are trying to change it to booty or something else, but for now... he knows butt.. *sigh*), haha... he also knows Boobie ("Oobie") - yikes.
...and he understands PLENTY more body parts but hasn't said them yet

More to come as I think of them... this was actually harder than I thought in one sitting!


  1. My favorite part is how you categorized them. :-)

    Way to go, Conner! (And Amanda, for making the list)

  2. wow! I think i shall have to copy you later. nice! my fave is cheese (of course) and ummm....pig.


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