23 September 2007

No Internet

It's a sad time in the Zaremba household. Michael's p.o.s. computer finally bit the dust with a fried motherboard and we are in "financial ruin" to the point that we can't buy one right now. This is the FIRST time in... well... since I first had the internet at age 9 that I've gone more than a 10-day period without using the computer. Sad... yet geeky all at the same time.

It's killing me, yet freeing up alot of time to get my nesting bug itched around the house. The Mac is going to be driven to the Ham sometime this week to see if they can give it a swift kick to the hardrive and make it magically work again (not even sure why it's broken anyways...). If that fails... NEW APPLE TIME! Woohoo! But that won't be for another month... sniff, sniff.

So, in the meantine if you need me - CALL ME! If you want my number, and aren't Ashley... then bug her for it! (Sorry Ash for putting you on task... but be picky when deciding on who to give it to... thanks in advance.. p.s.- no one will ask, so you are in the clear.) If you don't know Ashley, then shame on you. You probably know Mary though... so email her at msmary0828@aol.com - she also needs a date.. so you know... send all applicants to the same aforementioned email addy.

Glucose test next week - boo. Conner is doing smashingly. I am getting over being sick, yay. I'll keep in touch best I can. I only get one hour a week at Michael's work! Sorry for spelling errors.. no time to proofread.



  1. haha! were you drunk when you wrote this blog??? did you gobble down some of that yummy glucoten? or whatever you call it? that stuff makes me feel funky. I said POS the other night in regards to the computer im on right now, and Jamin was like what? Ive never heard that before! good story.

  2. Jamin's never heard POS? With that filthy mouth of his? j/k ;-)

    Sorry you are without computer right now. That stinks. I can go maybe a day without one but then I start to get antsy. Hopefully you'll be back up & running soon!


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