10 September 2007

She's Not That 'Into-it'

We all recall (at least most of us do) having stage fright at some point in our lives. My most memorable moments include forgetting the steps and messing up in colorguard try-outs one year and my infamous COMS 101 speech that I came to class not even knowing we had a speech due (it was the second week of school, come on!). Usually, we take our hits and misses with a grain of salt, noting that you the person that messed up are probably making a bigger deal out of it than necessary and that no one else barely even noticed (you hope).

Not the same if your name is Britney Spears.

Between flipping channels for Michael's two Sunday favs: The Two Coreys and Rock of Love with Bret Michaels (he has interesting tv taste)... we landed on the VMA's. After all the hype, we couldn't NOT watch the opener with Ms. Spears. Within the first 8-count, I was mortified for her.

She looked so incredibly frightened. Like this was her first time on stage, she was naked AND people were already laughing at her. Most of that is actually half-true. Her number consisted entirely of her dancing as if she were in the corner of a poorly lit night club. The type of dancing you do when you HAVE to dance in a certain situation only to blend in. She barely moved. The poor thing missed several key moments AND occasionally forgot to keep moving her lips, as she WAS supposed to be "singing" (we all know by now she lip syncs, I'd do the same.. I mean... with all that moving... who could sing?).

I kept asking Michael if this was for real.

I normally don't find myself feeling bad for celebrities or Britney Spears for that matter but I have never witnessed someone appearing to be so overwhelming in shock on LIVE tv in front of millions of viewers at home, for a "come-back", in front of peers. Gracious that's harsh. Then, to KNOW you've messed up and will be harped on the next day by anyone with a news ticker (or blog..). I know she gets paid for this and has oodles of money.. but come on..

My only question is why she just didn't fake it. I think somewhere deep inside me I would muster up some strength to go "all out" some time in the 3 minute performance as to not look like a total train-wreck: but she didn't.

I guess Criss Angel can only work so much magic.


  1. Haha...your last line was classic. :-)

    I sorta felt bad for her, but I sorta didn't. If she was nervous about her comeback, worried about her post-baby body, rusty from not performing in awhile, or whatever - maybe a more modest outfit & some less provacative back-up dancers would have eased some of the stress...???

    BTW, my blog is now private but I don't have your e-mail address to be able to add you. Send me your e-mail addy & I'll send you an invite. lerra73@charter.net

  2. hahaha! after that was on, I stripped down to my underware and started making wierd motions over my head, and bending halfway at the knees, whilst saying, it's Ashley Biotch. All the while Aiden watched with a confused look on his face, and Jamin rolled on the floor for ten minutes.

    I mean really? It's like they got ME up there PREGGERS to perform. I think I would have been more interesting...


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