26 October 2007

A Posting Extravaganza!

Hey.. Kool-Aid
At Publix, with shoppping list in hand, Conner and I drudged through the aisles... praying that nothing too expensive or tempting would leap out at us. I needed to get apple juice and kool-aid, so we ventured down that aisle... picked up said items and placed them in the back of the buggy where my 2-yr-old now camps out during grocery trips (man I miss the days when he sat in the correct part of the buggy).
Conner picked up the kool-aid packets and immediately started gabbing away. Then, I listened more attentively, as Conner exclaimed "Dats Mama"... "DATS MAMA!". Wait, what did he just say? I look down to find Conner pointing excitedly at the Kool-Aid man and yelling "That's Mama". Oh dear. I ask him to stop and please put the kool-aid down before everyone realizes my son apparently believes I am as fat as the Kool-Aid man. But no, he insists.. and then proceeds to tell me "Dats Mama... See baby!"
I went from half-believing he could actually be referring to me to utter shock and disbelief. To Conner, obviously the Kool-Aid man and I are similar in build... and apparently, he is also pregnant ... with little kool-aid singles, of course.

There's Something About Conner
More fun Conner stories... as today I discovered my non-napping child with a tube of lotion (trial size) in his bed shortly after I put him down. But not just ANY lotion, I might add... but something called Aquaphor Healing Ointment (by Eucerin... for advanced healing of dry, cracked and irritated skin). The main ingredient: Petroleum. You see, it wasn't the lotion I noticed first though... but this:

With it being oil-based, it's practically impossible to get out so, I've come up with a list of alternative uses for your enjoyment:
1. If I ever need to fit through a crack half my size, I'll lube myself up in this first.
2. A full body coating of this stuff next time you need to go outside in the rain and have forgotten the umbrella.
3. Mohawk time and Aqua-Net just isn't cutting it.
4. Slip-n-Slide and all out of soap? Guaranteed success.
5. Don't they have vaseline wrestling at bars?

Conner is now down for his nap with a mohawk. I'm pretty sure I can stop typing about this... as the pictures do it much justice.

Because I Like Talking About My Offspring
Conner... stole... my dress. Oh, his daddy would be proud.

23 October 2007

Some Cravings Just Aren't Worth It.

This past weekend Michael, Conner and I played host to a wonderful Bama game with our friend James (sans his wife, Laura). James is a connoisseur of all things yummy and strange, usually stuff that only I can appreciate - like wing sauce on fries and sour kraut w/ brauts. Too good. Well, James brought with him some delicious Johnsonville Smoked Brauts and we grilled. I, being the emptier of the frig, decided to also cook 2 hotdogs, leaving 2 in the package for later. We grilled them and I enjoyed both the brauts and the dogs... only to realize that the hot dogs were delicious but nearing their shelf life.

So last night, I decided to take advantage of our "no food in the house" status, and cook off the last 2 hot dogs while Michael and Conner made sandwiches (I was going to share, promise!). I am the cook and the grill person in the house, although Michael does enjoy grilling too. So, I went outside to start the grill.

It had been rainy all day and thus the starter (ignitor) was a little wet. I didn't realize that at the time though, and turned on the gas. I pressed the ignitor button once... then twice... leaned down and turned up the gas to max and pressed it again - no flame. So, I waddled inside to find the lighter.

I must have been gone 20 seconds, I always keep the lighter in the first drawer of the bar. I walked back outside, lighter in hand, determined to eat my hot dogs and fearing that the gas was finally out (it has been trying for a few weeks now). So, I flicked the flame once, no spark, then again ....


A ball of flames comes barreling out of the grill, up my arm, then my chest, my face and above my head. I hear Conner yell "wooww!". I panicked. My right hand was on fire for a few seconds and then lingered with the smell of burnt flesh and hair. I immediately checked my face as I ran inside. Michael had missed the whole thing - Conner was still thinking that mommy was the coolest.

I met Michael in the living room and I couldn't get anything out of my mouth. It scared the crap out of me, and I was just concerned with getting my burning arm in some cool water and searching for the lidocaine. In the bathroom, I checked my eyebrows and eyelashes which were scorched but present. I lost a good amount of baby hair around my hairline. My right arm is totally hairless and red. My hand is burnt, all 5 fingers and knuckles were killing me all night with some blistering and lots of redness.

I still ended up getting my hot dogs grilled though... but they weren't worth me nearly loosing my arm (or my hair for that matter!). The lesson learned is this - either turn off the gas when searching for the lighter... or just get Michael to do the grilling!

16 October 2007

Up a creek

I assumed when Conner started potty training I would still be pregnant and not based on other's banter about the subject, but mostly based on the sheer timing of it all. Conner will be 2 1/2 in December, the same month I'm due, and that's a good age for boys to start doing the deed as the deed should be done.

So, when Conner started stripping last week, more than normal I might add, I figured he was getting ready to start making some progress in the land of potty. I was right, as after two full days of trying with all my might to keep my son in his diaper, Conner decided to actually sit on the potty and pee. I made a HUGE deal out of it, called Michael who in turn brought home some pull-ups. My thought was that Conner obviously hated wearing the diaper now, especially once he wet it, so the pull-ups would assist us in both keeping my child from exposing himself AND teach him more about when it is he needs to go.

Pfft... the heck with my thought process... Conner thought the pull-ups were pretty cool, seeing as they had cars on them. He walked around the house for nearly an hour pointing to his undies and saying "see... truck!". I was tickled pink. But, when it came down to actually going, we hit a road block.

He would sit on the potty, but not go. Then, when he had to go, he started freaking out. He wanted in the tub, desperately. Finally, after fighting him and not wanting to make this a traumatic moment, we let him get in the tub and go. Since then, he has gone in the tub about 5 times and the shower once. My thoughts are that maybe he's just learning what it feels like when he needs to go... I hope...

Then, Saturday rolled around and my little naked baby roamed the house, once again fighting any sight of a diaper. For the few times we could keep him clothed, he was fine but the second he thought he had to pee all items had to be removed. We tried belts, zippers, tape.. you name it! Nothing could keep my tiny dancer in his duds.

Nap time slowly approached, and I thought nothing of it. We went through our routine and managed to stay with-diaper. He lied down and I left to take a nap myself. About an hour in, our bedroom door is flung open and there stands Conner-in-the-nude. Great. "Ewww... Momma!" Well, ewww is his word for a bug... he is almost cat-like in his ability to find them and have Michael or I destroy the intruders. But this time was different. He led me by the hand into his room and pointed at his bed, in which was a gigantic pile of POOP and covered in PEE!!!

Wonderful. I freaked. Conner was a mix of excited about his accomplishment and terrified that he had done something wrong. I cleaned up the mess and he missed his nap.

Sunday started and ended the same way, with a pee and poop session in his bed during nap time. Lots of naked baby and no peeing in the potty.

Then, yesterday... we had a repeat... only this time he went in the corner of his room.

I'm at a loss of what to do. I'm afraid to take him out in public for fear that he will strip ... which almost happened at the grocery store today. I want him potty trained, but I don't want to push him. I don't want him peeing in the tub, but I also want him to learn what it is like to go without the diaper on AND in a controlled environment. I'm confused!!! HELP!

11 October 2007

Things I Love.

The Lord has blessed us all with some BEAUTIFUL weather today. I am especially grateful seeing as I am carrying around an extra 25 lbs. I think Fall is my new favorite season.... and today I am celebrating it with a Pumpkin Spice Latte (and no, it's not decaf) as well as a few other things such as:

1. Harvest Spice Yankee Candle - Yummy! It's a cider-pumpkin smell that's divine (other notables I purchased - Cranberry Chutney, Spiced Pumpkin, Christmas Cookie and Harvest)... but to make it more fragrant I am burning it as a tart in my new....

2. Wax Melting Pot - From Linens-N-Things compliments of my grandmother. It nearly triples the smell-good factor of a normal candle by making the whole house smell scrumptious within 40 minutes. I'm hooked.

3. Conner's Love For Leaves on the Ground - So I know that they are few and far between at this point, but our neighbors across the street have a magnolia tree that is shedding its leaves, and Conner finds great joy in collecting them and giving them to me as gifts. He calls them flowers and likes to put them to his nose and smell.. very cute. Recently, we kept a few and used them as stencils under paper and rubbed the tops with crayons as an art project. I think I enjoyed it more than he did though.

I'm sure there are a lot of other things I could list, but I'd rather go play trains with the little man :).

09 October 2007

Because I like to share

My mom gave me this recipe along with a cookbook for Christmas in 2003. I know so because she kindly wrote that on the inside cover, thanks mom. We often refer to the cookbook and all added recipes by the name "the best cookbook, eva", and rightfully so. I recently rediscovered this Breakfast Casserole recipe and made it for the family, as Michael loves it and I figured it'd be a great way to get Conner to eat eggs. So, please try it and enjoy!

Breakfast Casserole:
6 eggs
1 cup milk + 1/2 stick melted butter (I use just a smidge less butter)
1 cup grated Cheddar cheese (I use a little more)
1 lb. sausage or bacon, cooked and drained (I prefer the bacon and I cook it a little on the crispy side as the casserole process softens it a bit)
3 cups frozen has browns

Line an 8x8 glass baking dish with the frozen hash browns. Sprinkle with chopped sausage or bacon. Mix together egg, milk and butter and pour mixture over meat and potatos (I prefer adding a dash of salt and pepper to this step). Top with cheese. Cook at 350 for 45 minutes (a little more depending on your oven.. my mom says it takes her an hour). BEST if prepared the night before and refrigerated before cooking. This allows everything to merry together.

It's really super simple. I usually find myself cooking off the bacon whenever I know I'll be making the casserole soon, say a few days before... whatever is easiest and for when I find myself in the kitchen.

Bon Appetite!

08 October 2007

With a screwdriver in hand...

My mom came down this past Sunday for an all day work-a-thon... of which she's known for. We managed to clean out the guest room, break down the bed, put together the crib and hang the draperies for Chase's room. Whew! That was ALOT of work! We only managed to mess up one thing.. the entire alarm system. Typical for new constructions, our home came pre-wired for an alarm system which basically means that a majority of the hardwiring has been done during the framing of the house. In screwing in the hooks for the drapery rod, my mom and I managed to nick said wiring... causing the alarm system to go off and subsequently stop working properly. Great. Michael claims "it was a one-in-a-million shot"... congrats to us for making it.

All-in-all though, we worked our tushies off and the room is really starting to come together. Chase's dresser has been ordered which you can see by going to this website. Funny thing is, the crib won't match the dresser, nothing will match the nightstand, the chair has a "personality" all its own and finally the daybed is completely different too. No two pieces of furniture will match - great. Whatever though... I don't care and there is a reason for all the "hodge-podge-iness" (spelling?).

I also have drapes in my living room now (yay).

The computer is still sick and is being shipped to the Mac Doc soon, so I will be without internet again.

And thank goodness for FALL!

(No time for spell check, Conner wants me to camp out in the car with him!)

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