26 October 2007

A Posting Extravaganza!

Hey.. Kool-Aid
At Publix, with shoppping list in hand, Conner and I drudged through the aisles... praying that nothing too expensive or tempting would leap out at us. I needed to get apple juice and kool-aid, so we ventured down that aisle... picked up said items and placed them in the back of the buggy where my 2-yr-old now camps out during grocery trips (man I miss the days when he sat in the correct part of the buggy).
Conner picked up the kool-aid packets and immediately started gabbing away. Then, I listened more attentively, as Conner exclaimed "Dats Mama"... "DATS MAMA!". Wait, what did he just say? I look down to find Conner pointing excitedly at the Kool-Aid man and yelling "That's Mama". Oh dear. I ask him to stop and please put the kool-aid down before everyone realizes my son apparently believes I am as fat as the Kool-Aid man. But no, he insists.. and then proceeds to tell me "Dats Mama... See baby!"
I went from half-believing he could actually be referring to me to utter shock and disbelief. To Conner, obviously the Kool-Aid man and I are similar in build... and apparently, he is also pregnant ... with little kool-aid singles, of course.

There's Something About Conner
More fun Conner stories... as today I discovered my non-napping child with a tube of lotion (trial size) in his bed shortly after I put him down. But not just ANY lotion, I might add... but something called Aquaphor Healing Ointment (by Eucerin... for advanced healing of dry, cracked and irritated skin). The main ingredient: Petroleum. You see, it wasn't the lotion I noticed first though... but this:

With it being oil-based, it's practically impossible to get out so, I've come up with a list of alternative uses for your enjoyment:
1. If I ever need to fit through a crack half my size, I'll lube myself up in this first.
2. A full body coating of this stuff next time you need to go outside in the rain and have forgotten the umbrella.
3. Mohawk time and Aqua-Net just isn't cutting it.
4. Slip-n-Slide and all out of soap? Guaranteed success.
5. Don't they have vaseline wrestling at bars?

Conner is now down for his nap with a mohawk. I'm pretty sure I can stop typing about this... as the pictures do it much justice.

Because I Like Talking About My Offspring
Conner... stole... my dress. Oh, his daddy would be proud.


  1. Hilarious. first of all, that he called you the koolaid man. then that he did his hair a-la-mary. awesome. Hope ya'll had a nice weekend!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, he is a little comedian! And that lotion mohawk is crackin' me up!!


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