16 October 2007

Up a creek

I assumed when Conner started potty training I would still be pregnant and not based on other's banter about the subject, but mostly based on the sheer timing of it all. Conner will be 2 1/2 in December, the same month I'm due, and that's a good age for boys to start doing the deed as the deed should be done.

So, when Conner started stripping last week, more than normal I might add, I figured he was getting ready to start making some progress in the land of potty. I was right, as after two full days of trying with all my might to keep my son in his diaper, Conner decided to actually sit on the potty and pee. I made a HUGE deal out of it, called Michael who in turn brought home some pull-ups. My thought was that Conner obviously hated wearing the diaper now, especially once he wet it, so the pull-ups would assist us in both keeping my child from exposing himself AND teach him more about when it is he needs to go.

Pfft... the heck with my thought process... Conner thought the pull-ups were pretty cool, seeing as they had cars on them. He walked around the house for nearly an hour pointing to his undies and saying "see... truck!". I was tickled pink. But, when it came down to actually going, we hit a road block.

He would sit on the potty, but not go. Then, when he had to go, he started freaking out. He wanted in the tub, desperately. Finally, after fighting him and not wanting to make this a traumatic moment, we let him get in the tub and go. Since then, he has gone in the tub about 5 times and the shower once. My thoughts are that maybe he's just learning what it feels like when he needs to go... I hope...

Then, Saturday rolled around and my little naked baby roamed the house, once again fighting any sight of a diaper. For the few times we could keep him clothed, he was fine but the second he thought he had to pee all items had to be removed. We tried belts, zippers, tape.. you name it! Nothing could keep my tiny dancer in his duds.

Nap time slowly approached, and I thought nothing of it. We went through our routine and managed to stay with-diaper. He lied down and I left to take a nap myself. About an hour in, our bedroom door is flung open and there stands Conner-in-the-nude. Great. "Ewww... Momma!" Well, ewww is his word for a bug... he is almost cat-like in his ability to find them and have Michael or I destroy the intruders. But this time was different. He led me by the hand into his room and pointed at his bed, in which was a gigantic pile of POOP and covered in PEE!!!

Wonderful. I freaked. Conner was a mix of excited about his accomplishment and terrified that he had done something wrong. I cleaned up the mess and he missed his nap.

Sunday started and ended the same way, with a pee and poop session in his bed during nap time. Lots of naked baby and no peeing in the potty.

Then, yesterday... we had a repeat... only this time he went in the corner of his room.

I'm at a loss of what to do. I'm afraid to take him out in public for fear that he will strip ... which almost happened at the grocery store today. I want him potty trained, but I don't want to push him. I don't want him peeing in the tub, but I also want him to learn what it is like to go without the diaper on AND in a controlled environment. I'm confused!!! HELP!


  1. Joanna Cox-Adcock16 October, 2007

    With Hannah and her potty training. (which is alittle different than boys)
    I put on some princess panties and said now you cant pottie on the princesses and it worked. But I didnt push it until she was 3. About 5 months prior to actually being potty trained we used pull ups and every once in awhile she would tell me she had to go. I dunno I would come up with something about the pull up for him not to take it off. Good luck. I just rolled in my seat when I saw your story!!

  2. OMG!!! Yet another reason for birth control for me! In all my babysitting days, and living with a 2 yr. old, I never encountered that one. I wish I had good advice for you, but I don't other than I'm praying for you, and you sound like the most amazing, patient mom!! So so proud of you!

  3. Does he have a conner sized toilet ...i think andrea can help you out with this one. ill send her your way.

  4. OMG!! I liked to have lost control of my bladder reading you story because i've been there too. Koen has been in pullups for a year because he is so big. He has just recently become fully potty trained. I opted for prizes for going potty. I do the tiny chocolate mints and gummie stuff. I have a prize bin that he can reach in and get whatever prize he wants-only if he goes in the potty and not in his pullup. He likes being able to choose his prize for doing something so grown up. I've heard that putting cheerios in the potty and having your little man aim at them works too. I started koen off sitting down-it was easier than cleaning the walls every time although-when he sits down then you are a target~keep extra clothes handy. I dont know why but boys like to be naked when they go-koen had many a streak session before retreating to a corner became his liking. Believe it or not boys like the privacy of a corner because they feel secure. Try putting on the potty and leaving the room for a minute and you will more than likely hear him going in no time. You might want to put down a towel in front of him first.

  5. Dude, we can't even get our dog to poop in our own yard, so we'd be in big trouble if we were trying to potty train a kid! Good luck.

  6. hey girl.
    have you tried candy?~
    that's how we did it. savannah only got candy if she went in the potty.and we let her run around naked for a while so she could just go to the potty whenever she felt the urge. it was pretty messy for a few days, but the candy REALLY encouraged her to go on the toilet... it was nuts. (my kid loves some mnms)

    good luck!

  7. I just laughed so hard at this blog. nice. wow. yeah. call the pediatrician??? ;) the corner of the room is the funniest. I feel for ya. I'm with Staci. give m and m's a go.

  8. HAHAAHAAA!!! I couldnt help but carck up with the aquaphor eucerin story and the potty traing story...ethan did the SAME THING! that stuff didnt come out of his hair for a WEEK!!! And he has once peed in the potty...he likes the pull ups with cars too...he walks around saying " PPEEEE PPEEEE....TRUCK!" he thinks its hilarious, im not pushing on the potty thing either, when he decides he wants to use the potty then he will use it. but i have a friend who is due dec. 5, so yall are right around being due the same time. i thought it was interesting. and yeah, you may want to leave the grilling up to the hubby for a while..bless your heart, are you okay?


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