08 October 2007

With a screwdriver in hand...

My mom came down this past Sunday for an all day work-a-thon... of which she's known for. We managed to clean out the guest room, break down the bed, put together the crib and hang the draperies for Chase's room. Whew! That was ALOT of work! We only managed to mess up one thing.. the entire alarm system. Typical for new constructions, our home came pre-wired for an alarm system which basically means that a majority of the hardwiring has been done during the framing of the house. In screwing in the hooks for the drapery rod, my mom and I managed to nick said wiring... causing the alarm system to go off and subsequently stop working properly. Great. Michael claims "it was a one-in-a-million shot"... congrats to us for making it.

All-in-all though, we worked our tushies off and the room is really starting to come together. Chase's dresser has been ordered which you can see by going to this website. Funny thing is, the crib won't match the dresser, nothing will match the nightstand, the chair has a "personality" all its own and finally the daybed is completely different too. No two pieces of furniture will match - great. Whatever though... I don't care and there is a reason for all the "hodge-podge-iness" (spelling?).

I also have drapes in my living room now (yay).

The computer is still sick and is being shipped to the Mac Doc soon, so I will be without internet again.

And thank goodness for FALL!

(No time for spell check, Conner wants me to camp out in the car with him!)


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished masterpiece!

    (And as for things not matching..my brother is an architectural designer, and he says things aren't supposed to match...so feel good about your choices!)

  2. wow! glad you got things done! do you know you have the exact dresser we have had sitting in its box for months now, waiting to go in Aiden's room???? except we only paid 125 for it. muahahahahahahaa

  3. I've heard of having "the odd piece" of furniture, or maybe using two different finishes on several pieces in a room... but i am literally using 5 different colors and stains. i think that's borderline schizo.

  4. So...the baby's name is Chase???

  5. Yup... it's Chase...we think...


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