27 November 2007

Because ONE blog named "Stinky Poop" isn't enough

Me (after smelling something foul): "Conner, did you make stinky poop?"
Conner (with a very serious face): "No, Mama!"
Then he pokes me in the chest with one finger and interrogates me with "Mama! Did YOU stinky poop?"

It wasn't me, I swear!

23 November 2007

Stinky Poop

A few thoughts and sayings from the life of Conner over the past few days:

Conner, walking into our bedroom is search of his daddy... comes up to the edge of the bed and says "Dadda? No Dadda. Dats Mama... Where's dadda?" And then scurried off to the bathroom to find him.

Upon waking early from his nap today I asked "Conner, what's wrong?" to which he replied "Mama, I pooped!". Well then. So, I took him to our bedroom to change him where he declared to Michael "I stinky pooped"... "No dadda, No mamma, No stinky poop!"

Mike's dad which we've been calling Grandad Z for Conner's entire life came over yesterday and barely made it in the door before Conner approached him and said "Jack! Come on!" So, I guess he's just "Jack" now.

After making a mess in the dining room and telling me "Ewww! Mama, eww!", I wiped up said mess and went on my way. Conner came back later to check on my progress and approve the job. He found the same spot (minus the mess), wiped the floor with his hands and spouted out "Mama, no eww. Clean! Clean! Dats Clean!" Well, I'm just glad I did a good job.

Conner saw a snake on tv and loudly stated "No bite, ssssss, No bite". We aren't reptile lovers in the Zaremba house.

Me: "What sound does a frog make?" Conner: "Reit, reit" Umm... that'll work.

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day!

15 November 2007


We've had what I call "new baby drama" around the house for the past 2 weeks which included hospital trips and some bedrest... woohoo. Now, at 34 1/2 weeks pregnant the doctor has told me that he will no longer attempt to stop my labor. Which is actually great news to me. He also says that my body is obviously getting ready, I'm dialated and contracting daily for a few hours. With that in mind, we are homebound for Turkey Day in fear that I could go into active labor at any moment. I'm super exhausted and soooooooo ready for this pregnancy to be over with so I can have my body and sleep back (wishful thinking on the later half).

There are a ton of details I could share, but honestly with telling my entire family I'm a little pooped on the topic. So, just know that Dr. Griggs' best guess for baby's arrival is sometime between the 28th and the 7th of December (that being the end of 36 weeks and the beginning of my 37th week). I was induced with Conner at 37 weeks and 1 day... and by induced I mean I came to the hospital for my planned induction with frequent contractions and being 2 cm dilated... so I was really just "helped" not "induced" (although they did use cytotek). If we don't go naturally by the middle of my 37th week, we will go in for an induction as we've been told there will be no babies delivered by me any bigger than 6 lbs. Yay! I can't wait to get the baby home and settled in before Christmas comes.

On that note, I must mention that I am crazy - my Christmas tree is up and frequently plugged in (for Conner's enjoyment). It's been that way for over a week now too. It might seem psycho to passers-by, but they don't understand how much I did NOT look forward to assembling said tree on the more traditional "Day After Thanksgiving" being that it's very likely I'll be contracting, in pain and expecting to give birth. It's actually really nice having it up. We are going to decorate as a family tonight and play holiday music... how cheesy! Conner, as mentioned before, is in love with it... which makes the new baby gate that spans the entire 146" doorway leading into the dining room a blessing. I'm so excited for Christmas!!!

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