23 November 2007

Stinky Poop

A few thoughts and sayings from the life of Conner over the past few days:

Conner, walking into our bedroom is search of his daddy... comes up to the edge of the bed and says "Dadda? No Dadda. Dats Mama... Where's dadda?" And then scurried off to the bathroom to find him.

Upon waking early from his nap today I asked "Conner, what's wrong?" to which he replied "Mama, I pooped!". Well then. So, I took him to our bedroom to change him where he declared to Michael "I stinky pooped"... "No dadda, No mamma, No stinky poop!"

Mike's dad which we've been calling Grandad Z for Conner's entire life came over yesterday and barely made it in the door before Conner approached him and said "Jack! Come on!" So, I guess he's just "Jack" now.

After making a mess in the dining room and telling me "Ewww! Mama, eww!", I wiped up said mess and went on my way. Conner came back later to check on my progress and approve the job. He found the same spot (minus the mess), wiped the floor with his hands and spouted out "Mama, no eww. Clean! Clean! Dats Clean!" Well, I'm just glad I did a good job.

Conner saw a snake on tv and loudly stated "No bite, ssssss, No bite". We aren't reptile lovers in the Zaremba house.

Me: "What sound does a frog make?" Conner: "Reit, reit" Umm... that'll work.

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day!
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