29 December 2007

Almost Home

We finally broke down in the form of two emotional outbursts, one per parent over the last 24 hours. Chase was given permission to be discharged from the NICU on good behavior ( :-) ). He's able to regulate his temp, eating very well, taking his pheno barb once daily, on room air, with great vitals, normal head circumference (yay for now) as well as a ton of other good things. We were invited to "room in" last night just for a few more hours of observation and to teach us how to administer his meds and to give us some "educational materials" on how to tell if Chase seizes (it's super hard in an infant, btw!).
The night went well, Chase fed great and no alarms went off (they are sooo loud). We both had problems sleeping and are exhausted today. As of now, we are staying one more night in Birmingham with family and then we will be back in Montgomery as of tomorrow afternoon.
Chase will continue to see both a neurologist and a neuro surgeon as well as his regular pediatrician. He will receive more than frequent head measurements which would indicate additional blood that would then need to be addressed. He has the ability to break down the blood in his head currently but if that doesn't happen, or he begins to clot, he will need a shunt to remove the blood and pressure. He will remain on the seizure meds for awhile.. if he doesn't seize he could go off them at the age of 2. Other than that, it's a waiting game again to see if and when he begins breaking down the blood. Frequent MRI's and CAT scans will help the neuro surgeons determine the best course of action for us and our little man.
Conner is doing well. He's really been through the ringer but has proved to both Michael and I that he is one strong dude. We really have missed being with him over the Christmas holiday since we've had to split our time up so much. But now, life will be getting back to a more normal state. I remember telling Conner the night before I was induced that I was truly sorry, but his world was about to be flipped on it's head... partially joking... and now that's proven to be the case. I just pray God gives us the strength to do the best for him and make him feel as loved as he is.
So thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the prayer and best wishes. In times of need, it is wonderful to see those who love you build a safety net of support... and without that we would have never made it through the last 8 days. We both love you all dearly and promise to keep you updated.


  1. I am a friend of Jamey's and found your blog through one of her links. I have been praying for your baby boy! He is absolutely precious!!! I am so sorry that you guys have had to go through this. (My twins were NICU babies for 9 days and 31 days.) I am so happy that you guys are going home. I will definitely be praying for your little man and your family.

  2. I am so glad he is doing better! God is answering our prayers. We will continue to pray for him & for your family!!

  3. Is there something we can do for you? Promise you'll let me know.


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