13 December 2007

And Then There Were 3...

Only 3 people in the family NOW but as of next Thursday/Friday, there will be 4 of us!!! FINALLY, it appears we will be induced... baby is small but healthy... weighing in around the very low 6's... my guess is a 6 lb. 2 ouncer. We've been waiting on the weight to get a little higher, and at 36 weeks, he weighed 5 lbs. and a few ounces. Now, he is a little bigger and stronger and VERY ready to come home with us for Christmas!
We hope to not get bumped (PLEASE PRAY HARD THAT WE DON'T!!!!!!!!!!) as to avoid still being in the hospital on Christmas Eve. It would break my heart not to be with Conner at our house on Christmas! So, that's our story for now. I'll update if it changes.

Now... if the baby ONLY officially had a name. We're working on that. Promise.


  1. Awww...he's a little one! Was Conner little too?

    BTW, I thought his name was officially Chase?

  2. Conner was very tiny... a whopping 5 lbs 12 oz. I was induced for several reasons with him, one of which being that I was losing weight and my fundal height (which is basically how big your stomach is) had stalled. Thus, he was done cooking. But, he was very healthy! I just make small babies.

    And we are 99% on Chase, but are spilt dead even on the middle name. Either Alexander or Nathaniel... not sure. Plus, we are still taking suggestions and playing around with our other options. I normally find it a little strange not to have the baby named by this point, but we really are stuck!

  3. Wish I made tiny babies. You're so little though it's good that they're going to induce.

  4. Oh Jamey, I don't have a CLUE how you did it. Bless your heart. For me, anything over 7 lbs. will probably require a c-section... let's hope their guess-timates are right!

  5. Joanna Cox-Adcock15 December, 2007

    Well I wish you good luck Amanda! Enjoy the sleep right now.


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