19 December 2007

Good to the Last Drama

In the spirit of my pregnancy, my last OB appointment today went from normal to not. I arrived on time and my nurse started my appointment with a blood pressure measurement. She checked my right arm first, made a face... then asked me to turn so she could check the other arm... same result apparently. My bottom number was high... and I've always had "perfect" BP. So, on the scale I went, 4 lb gain in one week: yowza. Baby's heartrate was normal. So, as she packed her things and left the room she mentions in passing "Oh, Dr. Griggs will be right in and then you'll probably be off to OB triage...". Great... just great.

So, Griggs came in and we discussed how I've been feeling, which for the record, I've felt like I was in slow motion for 3 days now and the swelling in my legs and feet has been absurd.. and I normally don't swell. I've had 2 instances in which I've seen spots, but only for a minute or two. He decided to send me off to the hospital for blood work and monitoring.

I tried to calmly talk Michael into staying home with Conner, to which he finally caved and did (it was nap time). At the OB triage, I met an AWESOME nurse named Gayle (she spells it right, yay!) who told me that if ANYTHING looked abnormal, I'd be staying. Lots of blood work and monitoring later (plus an IV line... grrr), I was released although my BP had spiked once and contractions were present. Apparently, Dr. Griggs would not be able to deliver me that night personally, so 20 hours of waiting was going to be our game plan. Personally, I think it was a bad choice medically, but I did get to come home and do things as we had originally planned.

Now, we are a medical induction and will not be bumped unless there are a ton of other people needing to be induced and all of those have more serious medical conditions.

I would have to say that somewhere in me, I believe something else isn't "right"... and that all the problems I've had this pregnancy are starting to show their true colors - letting the doctors and nurses actually SEE what I've been telling them all along. So, here's to a safe, non-painful and stress-free delivery... and a happy baby boy!

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  1. Hope everything turns out okay. We'll keep you in our prayers.


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