08 February 2008

Conner at 2 yr 8 mo.

OK OK... so "2 years 8 months" isn't exactly an even age to document... but I thought this was such a neat way to record your little ones development that I couldn't resist (I stole it from Jamey.. who also stole it from someone else). So here goes!

(turn head sideways for the first pic, sorry!)

I love to name my colors and I know them very well. Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green seem to be my favorites... but I also know Red, Brown, Black, White, Pink and Purple.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is my new favorite show... although Blue's Clues is still awesome.

I recently discovered that mommy and daddy don't particularly enjoy it when I draw on the dining room wall...

.. The "draw" (crayon) I used was about the size of a pencil eraser and I'll never tell where I found it.

I have a new favorite drink for naptime. What I don't know is that it's actually a liquid multivitamin since I refused Flintstone's hardcore...

... I also don't know that this liquid multivitamin has broccoli, brown rice, spinach, melon, carrots and other assorted fruits and veggies b/c if I did know... I'd never go near the stuff.

"Thank You Momma" is a frequent saying... and if ANYONE dare sneeze, cough or clear their throat, they will soon receive a "Bless You".

I like to pick out my clothes now, even if they aren't exactly seasonable.

I recently discovered the laptop computer and now can randomly be found sitting in front of it, starring... and waiting on "Stinky Mow" (Mickey Mouse!)...

....So mommy found the Official Mickey Mouse website, and I really enjoy playing the games online with lots of supervision from mom and dad.

My new baby brother cries... a lot... so I make sure everyone knows by announcing when he does. "Momma, Dadda... Baby Chase a crying".

I am working on my ABC's using my foam letters. I love to bring you the letter you request, one by one, and get it right about 75% of the time!

I can count to ten, but usually leave out the number 4 and 7. They just aren't my favorites.

I'm in the 75% percentile on height and 25% of weight!

I can't wait for it to be warm outside again so I can ride my new Jeep Powerwheels in the backyard!


  1. Dear Conner,
    Maybe you could come pick me up in your Jeep, and we could go on a date? You wouldn't have to bring flowers.


  2. Oh my goodness - I am so behind! This one's cute!


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