10 March 2008

Daddy's Other Life

Disclaimer: The following blog is merely a moment from my toddler's take on the world. I am in no way using any of the following terminology in a negative light, as I try not to be judgemental of other's lifestyle. Please take this blog with little "seriousness".

Conner has a LOVE for adjectives... especially in the form of colors. EVERYTHING must be labeled, whether that be a "blue bird" or a "green cup". For the past few months, Conner has made an extra effort to name every vehicle's color while in the car driving on those oh-so-long trips to the Ham.

He also enjoys telling his daddy goodbye most mornings... exclaiming that "Dadda go work in truck". See, momma drives a "white truck" (it's an Equinox, but whatever)... Nonna drives a "white truck" too (ok, so it's really a Nissan Altima car...). His "Jack" (grandad) drives a "red truck" (once again... it's an SUV...). Well, he has never been too sure as to what color Michael's grey/silver Trail Blazer was, so he just never labeled it.

In efforts to expand his little world of colors, backing out of the driveway on the way to a Pediatric Urology appointment at Children's last Tuesday, I told Conner that daddy's grey truck was still here, but that daddy would soon be going to work. Conner's reply: "Daddy go work in GAY truck!"

Now, either Michael's working that other side of the river.... or Conner has a small inability to properly pronounce "r's". The truth: it's the "r" thing... as green is normally "geen". I should have though of that before labeling Mike's "truck"...

Since then, every morning that Conner is up when Michael goes to work, he walks him to the door, kisses him goodbye and tells him "Have good day!" "Go work in gay truck dadda!".

In hindsight, I should have chosen silver.

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