27 April 2008

When the rain JUST WON'T STOP

Chase won't stop screaming.. and I'm wondering where my mom keeps the "good stuff". Conner has finally accepted that "baby Chase a-crying" and is now marching up and down the stairs with his "nonna" singing "March..2..3..4". But, I can't concentrate on how adorable my son is when my other son just won't relent.

My grandmom came to my mom's house this afternoon to help. I'm utterly exhausted after a weekend sans Michael as he is in Chicago. Chase just can't be consoled. If he isn't screaming, then he is holding his breath or staring to cry... or giving one of many very, very short breaks in between huge fits.

He's been put on another medication that combines phenobarb and a drug called belladonna... it may sound pretty but it's not. At his last doctor appointment a few days ago his pediatrician told us he has stopped gaining weight. He now weighs in at an astonishing 9 lbs. 8 ounces... meaning he has totally fallen off the growth chart in the ways of weight (although he is still 50th percentile on height). The meds will help slow down his digestive system to help him retain more calories and help with his (pretend) "colic". My take is this: there is no colic.

But that leads me to my biggest fear: that something else must be wrong. And when I start to believe that... I hope I am just paranoid and mistaken. But... last time I felt like something had to be wrong ...my whole world ended up in the garbage disposal.

I suppose I could ask you all to pray for Chase, to pray that I maintain my sanity, that Conner doesn't get too neglected, that I don't end up blowing my brains out... etc... but honestly, I don't think any of that would work. What I really need right now is an answer. And after that - a solution.

19 April 2008

Kelly green here

How green are you?
Here in the Zaremba house we've replaced all of our bulbs with energy-efficent ones ... We've also recently started recycling all paper products. I even gathered old cell phones Conner's collected over the years to donate to "cell phones for troops" to have recycled and have a phonecard donated to those serving in Iraq. How much does that rock?
So in spirit of Earth Day, are you doing enough?

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17 April 2008

I iphoned my babies

Isn't he adorable in all his high-tech glory? Oh, that's right! We both have iPhones and it is going to make blogging, picture taking and virtual scrapbooking AWESOME!!

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03 April 2008

My life is CHOAS

But that's cool.

Conner's enjoyed playing in the sand in the backyard for the last week now that Michael, my Mountain Brook hubby turned Home Depot junkie, finished the patio extension. Pics to come.

Chase is still super fussy, but enjoys "talking" to me, eating his hands, watching his feet and laying on his playmate. His eyes are changing to the most beautiful shade of dark blue (Conner will be my bright eyed boy), and his hair is strawberry blond and heading full steam towards dirty blond like Con.

Conner's on his bath kick again, meaning he's being bathed about 4 times a day. Good news is that he turns the water off by himself, bathes himself (well... kinda), gets out, dries off and lets me know he's done by shouting "I'm clean, momma!". Then, he brings me a diaper (a "big diaper" he tells me), lays down naked and half-dry on the bed and I change him (if I am nursing Chase, that is) (which is really hard, btw, to diaper a toddler while nursing). (Note: he IS being supervised during all of this. The bathtub is a mere 7 feet from my bed. Conner is just enjoying doing things when they are supposed to be done "by me-self").

We've got a super busy schedule for the next 3 months with untold amounts of driving to Birmingham. It's a love/hate thing seeing as I love BEING in Birmingham, but hate not living there and having to drive 1 1/2hr+ to get to it. Boo. We are going to the beach also in May, and have Lindsey's wedding (that's right people) in June. Let me know if you find a private jet you want to lend to me for free (oh, plus fuel).

I'm really behind on laundry, being plagued by the "yellow death" (pollen), and running on Allegra-D and Pepsi.

Oh, and if you do a drive-by of my house, I promise to get all those Christmas decorations out of our dining room sometime before ... well.. Christmas.

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