03 April 2008

My life is CHOAS

But that's cool.

Conner's enjoyed playing in the sand in the backyard for the last week now that Michael, my Mountain Brook hubby turned Home Depot junkie, finished the patio extension. Pics to come.

Chase is still super fussy, but enjoys "talking" to me, eating his hands, watching his feet and laying on his playmate. His eyes are changing to the most beautiful shade of dark blue (Conner will be my bright eyed boy), and his hair is strawberry blond and heading full steam towards dirty blond like Con.

Conner's on his bath kick again, meaning he's being bathed about 4 times a day. Good news is that he turns the water off by himself, bathes himself (well... kinda), gets out, dries off and lets me know he's done by shouting "I'm clean, momma!". Then, he brings me a diaper (a "big diaper" he tells me), lays down naked and half-dry on the bed and I change him (if I am nursing Chase, that is) (which is really hard, btw, to diaper a toddler while nursing). (Note: he IS being supervised during all of this. The bathtub is a mere 7 feet from my bed. Conner is just enjoying doing things when they are supposed to be done "by me-self").

We've got a super busy schedule for the next 3 months with untold amounts of driving to Birmingham. It's a love/hate thing seeing as I love BEING in Birmingham, but hate not living there and having to drive 1 1/2hr+ to get to it. Boo. We are going to the beach also in May, and have Lindsey's wedding (that's right people) in June. Let me know if you find a private jet you want to lend to me for free (oh, plus fuel).

I'm really behind on laundry, being plagued by the "yellow death" (pollen), and running on Allegra-D and Pepsi.

Oh, and if you do a drive-by of my house, I promise to get all those Christmas decorations out of our dining room sometime before ... well.. Christmas.

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  1. Oh, Ashley & Jamin are extending their patio too! I'd like to see pics of yours!


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