20 May 2008

I am more than a baby machine!

I have a strange passion for consumerism. It's what makes America tick, it's the reason most are employed, it's what we use the paycheck from our jobs on, it's what supports our favoite movies, television shows and radio programs. Consuming is an interesting thing, and consuming in moderation is healthy. But what drives Americans to consume and the reason we choose product A over B is the heart of my interest in the topic.
It's the reason I changed majors from journalism to advertising/public relations. I've always enjoyed writing - and when (on a whim) I decided to take Dr. Gonzenbach's intro PR course, I knew within weeks I had finally found something I could be good at.
I remember talking with Dr. G late in the semester... Explaining to him my passion for writing but never knowing what to do with my nagging desire to ... well... do more than report. I have opinions ... usually strong ones.
To combine these things, I've decided to start blogging on product reviews. I am a strong supporter of word-of-mouth advertising. So, I am going to put my opinions where by blog is.
If you like my reviews, try the product. If you agree, let me know. If you don't - let me know that too! Like I said before: I think consuming is important, especially for our economy (duh). I also LOVE supporting products that make mommy-life simpler, are locally made, made in the good ole USA, and of course products that make life "a little greener" or are recyclable.
So, if you've been dieing to try a new product, but can't seem to pull the trigger ... shoot me some suggestions!
First reviews?? Neotogo, Charmin extra strong and Munchkin portable bottle warmer.
Oh, and don't expect all my reviews to be bottles of sunshine, I'm going to be honest! I want to support products, but I also want to steer moms and other readers away from the clunkers!

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  1. This is a great idea, especially for new mommies that are unfamiliar with what's out there for them! I am def. intrigued by consumerism, especially where it applies to entrepreneurship. I'll keep dropping in to see what new things you've discovered and opinions you have made! Again, great idea!


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