29 May 2008

Pray like you mean it!

Pray like you mean it!

No, seriously. We have a shot at coming home to Birmingham as the company Michael works for has approved a new office in the Hoover area! As most of you know, we are DESPERATE to get out of Montgomery and back HOME to the big ole' salty Ham.
Time frame? At most, 10 months before the office will open. On Monday, Scottrade will announce the office and begin accepting applications. We have our pluses: like experience, being from the area, willing to move (!!!), etc. But, we have our bad points too: leaving the spot open in a place that's hard to fill, we JUST relocated, it being a bigger office, and competition from other managers that might want the office, etc.
So, we are asking that you PLEASE PRAY HARD! If you don't pray, then will it, send us your good juju, vibes, whatever!
Then, pray we can sell our house!
Then, pray I don't throw a huge "we're home" extravaganza that you'll be forced to attend!!!!
¡¡¡¡¡ I'M SO DANG EXCITED!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck!

  2. Heck yeah! Im so dang excited to. I'll be willing for it ;)


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