13 May 2008


I don't know why the beautiful pics I take from my iphone don't post, and darnit, it's making me mad. The process is SOOO simple, but apparently blogger is "working on it". Right... "checks in the mail".

The beach was great and really helped get me out of what seemed the be endless depression. Chase acted better than terrible and Conner was a ball! He really enjoyed swimming and took right to it (no shocker there if any of you know me, I'm part fish!). Chase seemed to really take to all the outdoorsiness and stayed bright eyed at the beach, mesmorized by the ocean.

Speaking of my iphone, I am sans such as it pooped out on me in what apple is calling "a freak technological issue". Right. So, it is being replaced but via snailmail. Luckily, it's all free but unfortunately, it'll be the end of the week till I get it back.

This weekend is Lindsey's shower, followed by one off weekend, then two doctors appointments, then Lindsey's wedding, then another neurology appointment, then my head is scheduled to explode as well as my laundry pile.

If you need me - check the floor, as I'm bound to be passed out somewhere. Yay!

Soon to come? REAL pics of the boys and my tub-o-lard rear from the beach AND my all-time favorite: Product Reviews!
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