20 June 2008


Bham (Hoover) on Monday to look at potential office space. (yay!). We have 5 prospective locations all surrounding the Galleria.
Con and Chase will be staying with my mom (good luck to her...).

19 June 2008

Don't try this at home...

Ok, so I don't recommend letting your children lie in the road for chalk drawings, but darnit.. it's cute. Especially when your husband does his best to fill-in said chalk drawing and can only come up with something that looks a bit too much like a gingerbread man.

Oh, and not that we really support much to do with Montgomery (kinda joking there, but mostly.... PLEASE GET US HOME! :) ).... we went to a Biscuits game last Thursday with some of Mike's old friends. We had fun, ate tons of junk food and Conner was even given a ball from the opposing team! At first his face was "Mom, a stranger gave me a ball... what do I do?!?!?" but soon, it turned into shear elation... and such can be see in this pic.

Random pic of the boys.

And finally... sleeping kids. Thank. You. God.

09 June 2008

Promises, promises

We are sans computer (and have been for awhile honestly) right now and are only on our iPhones. So, for now I am delaying my product reviews. I am really excited about them though ... Keep coming back for updates!

08 June 2008

Nothing like HOME

I cried all through church at Mountain Brook Baptist today (our Home church in Birmingham) as Chase was Christened in a special ceremony. I was practically bawling by the time Dr. Mobes began talking and as he mentioned his "special time" he had with Chase in the NICU. To know that our baby has fought so hard and come so far, I could have never believed during that week of hell that we'd be where we were today. God is truly amazing. Before I cry while typing... I'll let you enjoy a few pics of a place that means so much to me, as well as a few pics of both my little angels from the last few weeks!

05 June 2008

Paging Dr. Conner

Me: Conner be careful with Chase. We have to be very nice to him. If you hurt him, I don't know if I can fix him.
Conner: (after a thoughtful pause) A booboo-daid! (his version of band-aid)

So, I suppose now he can hurt him.

04 June 2008

Mashed Potato Poop.

That's what I feel like right now as I have Mastitis (AGAIN)! Luckily, it's the first time with this round of nursing but unfortunately it only means there's more to come. High-risk factors for recurrent mastitis (according to webmd.com) include:
- using a breast shield (check)
- history of mastitis (check)
- use of breast pads (check)
- you're anemic (eh, half check.. my dr. once told me that most small framed women have anemic episodes, and I do)
- you've skipped some breastfeeding sessions (check, we've started foods now so Chase is eating a slightly smaller amount of milk)

The flu-like aches coupled with the throbbing red, rock-like thing that WAS my boob are the worst symptoms. Thank you Mr. Pain Meds for your assistance. I've also started antibiotics.

This is probably all tmi for most of my readers... oh well... suck it up! But for those nursing mommies out there that've never experienced mastitis heed this warning: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you feel flu-like, feverish, have a hot/warm spot on the breast, CALL YOUR DOCTOR! It will not go away on its own and can become abcessed.

Time for a nap.

02 June 2008


Chase enjoyed his first apple sauce feeding today and it went surprisingly well. He managed it like a champ and consumed more then 2/3 of the pack! Pics to come... you know... maybe...

Update on being Bham bound: we've begun the house hunt, have spoken with a realtor and Mike's regional manager is backing him for the position. No other managers are interested either ... So here we go! Thanks for all the prayers/jujus/vibes/whatevers as well as the general overall support in the fight to get my butt back HOME! Oh Birmingham, how much I miss the city!!!!!

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