19 June 2008

Don't try this at home...

Ok, so I don't recommend letting your children lie in the road for chalk drawings, but darnit.. it's cute. Especially when your husband does his best to fill-in said chalk drawing and can only come up with something that looks a bit too much like a gingerbread man.

Oh, and not that we really support much to do with Montgomery (kinda joking there, but mostly.... PLEASE GET US HOME! :) ).... we went to a Biscuits game last Thursday with some of Mike's old friends. We had fun, ate tons of junk food and Conner was even given a ball from the opposing team! At first his face was "Mom, a stranger gave me a ball... what do I do?!?!?" but soon, it turned into shear elation... and such can be see in this pic.

Random pic of the boys.

And finally... sleeping kids. Thank. You. God.

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