20 July 2008

Why ask Why

I've been waiting a while now for Conner's "Why?" stage to begin. And waiting has paid off... but not the way I anticipated.
I even prepared Michael for it, seeing as I am the "researcher" of all that is baby/toddler/parenting between the two of us and he gets the Cliff Notes and highlights when necessary. My research told me to embrace the stage, and use it to expand his little brain, fueling it with answers and the like. If Conner were to asked why, darnit, I'd tell him.
And then, over the last 48 hours we've realized that the stage has indeed arrived, but is a little different than expected.

"What's that?"...."What's that?"...."What's that?"... times 1 million.

Everything, even if he knows what it is, gets a "what's that?".

A Home Depot trip yesterday in attempt to slaughter every wasp within a 10-mile radius of our house soon turned into a scattegories game a la 3-year-old.

"What's that?"
Me: a lawnmower

"What's that?"
Me: Another lawnmower.

"What's that?"
Me: Conner, we are in the lawnmower section of Home Depot. All of these big things with wheels and sharp blades cut the grass. These larger ones are for men who are lazy and think that their 2,000 square foot garden home's yard is "massive" and requires heavy artillery. Daddy wants one.

I hope to embrace the stage as previously planned... and after thinking about it for a while, I might be grateful that Conner has altered the "why stage". Identifying is much, much easier than explaining.


  1. Anonymous20 July, 2008

    HAHAHAHA Yeah Koen has been in the WHY stage for a wonderful month now. He will ask "Can we go play outside" And I reply "no" and his next question is "but WHY" then i must explain to him that it is dark outside. Then he ask "but why" is it dark outside. {sigh} Yeah welcome to the world of never ending questioning.By the time its over you feel like you have been interoggated by the military and asked the same question 4,000 times in hope of breaking you and getting a different answer. Good luck with coming up with a fancy answer every time. It gets old..fast. Koen has also found a way to express how he feels when I punish him. He has started saying "Dont be mean to me bubble butt". Yeah so now my new name in my family is bubble butt thanks to Koen!!!

  2. That's why we now have google, thank the Lord. Whenever a kid askes me "Why" I go straight to the Internet. Now we can be the smartest Mommy's and Daddy's ever. Thanks for helping me catch my annoying dog, by the way. :-)

  3. I google EVERYTHING - I'm practically a useless knowledge dumpster. Good point Lauren.


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