14 August 2008

Care for a smoke and a curse word?

Although I'm eternally grateful to good ole Walt for Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Daisy, tonight he's on my poop list.

After watching 101 Dalmations twice in the past 24 hours (which was all Conner's doing, btw), Conner has picked up the phrase "shut up!" from Ms. Cruella de Ville.


I'm no saint, but I do try to avoid bad words and phrases in front of Con and have been doing really well, progressively getting better, over the past year.

It gets worse.

The two crooks in the movie smoke at one point, to which Conner asked, of course "What's that?". Sigh. Then, attempted to "fake smoke" and blow heavily.

So, Mr. Disney and your wonderful land of dreams... today you can shove it.

How's that for sweet?

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  1. Oh my gosh. Koen did the same thing with 101 dalmations. Except he started saying "you idiots".I had no idea where he had heard this from until he told me he heard that word from Cruela.And another catch phrase he quoted from the movies was one day while i was driving he said "crazy woman driver", after nearly being run off the road.Yeah, boys are little word sponges...with movies even more.


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