08 August 2008

Conner at 3 years and 1 month

I weigh around 28 lbs.

I’m potty training and rarely have an accident. I wear big boy undies during the daytime and only wear a pull-up at night.

My favorite foods are pizza, “cheesy triangles” (grilled cheese, sometimes with turkey), pancakes or biscuits in the mornings, okra, apples, graham crackers, grapes, bananas and anything sweet or fruity. I’m not a very good eater, but I try!

My favorite things to watch on tv are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Tom and Jerry (isn’t that neat?), Max & Ruby and of course Spongebob Squarepants! (Blue’s Clues still holds my attention too)

I am always outside… I practically live there!

While outside, I enjoy bubble mowing, catching frogs and toads, catching grasshoppers and crickets, and playing in the sand.

I know the difference between a toad and a frog.

I also know the difference between a grasshopper and cricket.

I had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday this year. Yay for being 3!

I like to play games with my little brother. I like to laugh at him because he laughs at me.

When I get in the car, I immediately ask for my “sun-in-face’s” which is obviously my sunglasses. I insist on buckling the middle part of my car seat by myself.

I’m quite the artist. I love to watercolor in the bathroom floor, draw with chalk outside, make sand sculptures with my moon sand, make “food” with my play dough and I love the traditional coloring book and my “draws” on a rainy day.

I dress myself sometimes and enjoy picking out my shoes.

I’m always surprising the pants off mommy and dada with my news words, phrases and ability to understand the things around me.
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