06 August 2008


About the feedjit thing to your right…
I found it on the Life of Suz’s website (see blog roll) (she’s a mom of quads, and I’ve been reading her blog since she was in her early stages of pregnancy. It’s really just fascinating how she does everything!).
I decided to give it a try not because I want to know who is looking at my blog, but more so how people got here and what they were looking for if they aren’t a regular reader. It’s like a demographic survey for myself. (Ha…)

Anyways, for the record, the feedjit thing tells me NOTHING other than what you see (Mary is paranoid about people knowing where she goes on the internet and what she’s looking at. Put down the porn sites Mary, geez). And, if you are against being registered when you come here, there is an option at the bottom for your visit to be ignored. But please, use it sparingly ;-)
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