08 August 2008

The heck with the Olympics...

Read all about Chase and Conner!

Chase at 7 months

I weigh around 17 lbs!

I can “talk” and babble much earlier than my big brother. Mommy is scared of the cell phone plan in her future…

I can’t stand to be on my tummy, which means I am probably not going to crawl but I LOVE to stand and hold onto things.

My new favorite toy is my Baby Einstein excersaucer.

I also love to play with random kitchen/trash items such as: cardboard, red plastic Solo cups and spoons.

Conner is the best person EVA. Everything he does is hilarious and I am constantly in awe of him and laughing till I hurt.

Conner likes to share my “boat” with me in the bathtub. He gets in the larger end, and I sit in the part with the baby seat and we splash (but only nicely like mommy asks). This is one of my favorite things to do with my big bro.

I eat like a hog! My favorite foods are Beechnut Garden Veggies w/ DHA, Sweet Peas, Apple Delight w/ DHA (it has cinnamon in it, yummm!), Mixed Berries and anything with bananas.

I eat 3 whole containers of baby food a day, some mixed in with a full cereal feeding. I am also eating 1 large and 2 small formula feedings and nursing at nap and once during the night. A growing boy needs lots of food!

I love to people watch, which is just like my daddy! But for the most part, people say I look like my mommy. What do you think?
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