15 September 2008

Fuzzy Little Man Peach

In the Dec/Jan '08 issue of Wonder time Magazine (you'll have to pretend that was cited correctly, I'm unable to do HTML edits with my email postings), I found this interesting, yet totally random, tidbit. According to a (then) recent study by John Hopkins University, pregnant women "who experience moderate to severe heartburn gave birth to children with average or above-average amounts of hair."

Bonkers, right?

Apparently, they've found a link in the hormones that cause fetal hair growth and those that relax the mother's esophagus (which results in frequent heartburn).

I had very little heartburn while preggers with Con, and he was your average haired baby.

But Chase? Good grief. The heartburn NEVER STOPPED!!! I was literally chocking on my stomach acid every night with that fresh-from-a-good-barf feeling. Awesome. And the kid? Fuzzy as can be. He had dark, inch long + hair. It has turned light but he is still as furry and cuddly as can be.

And yes, I am just getting enough time to catch up with my 9-month-old magazines. Sigh.


  1. Not true. I had the worst heartburn that you could imagine. I downed a tub of Tums a day. And my 6 month old is STILL bald. I can certainly debunk that myth.

  2. Aren't redheaded babies notoriously bald (and adorable ;-))?

    And hey, look at your sis-in-law... her Monchichi and the bad heartburn? I'm telling you, the proof is in the (peach) pudding.


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