24 September 2008


I tried. Really.

I did the hand sanitizer routine after every door opening, toy touching, and all other potentially contaminated object fondelings but somehow Conner outsmarted me.

After making it a WHOLE HOUR without having direct hand-to-face contact with anything COVERED IN OTHER KID'S NASTY-NESS, Conner managed to wander off to the water fountain while I checked-out.

And when he couldn't get it to work, he figured he had to of been doing it wrong. So, as I looked away to sign my credit card slip, Con wrapped his entire mouth around the handle you normally turn to make the foutain work.

Oh Lord.

This thing sees 100-ish snotty monsters per day, all of which think water-fountain-touching is a requirement and MY not-snotty monster decides to expose his insides to it and it's potential infestation.

Seriously, eww.

Should I just wrap him in plastic coverings (you know, other than his nose for breathing...) before going to public places? And WHY OH WHY can't doctors PLEASE have COMPLETELY seperate offices for well visits!!!!!????

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  1. Hahaha. Koen did the same thing but at walmart.He couldnt get it to work so he wrapped his entire mouth on the part you drink from. Ick Ick, yeah it took two round of antibiotics to kill that nasty germy junk.I've come to the conclusion that boys are crazy...plain crazy.I can't wait to get our two boys together for a playdate soon. When do you move back?


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