22 September 2008

I Confess.

For a very long time, like maybe a whole TEN YEARS... I've been hiding a very deep secret. An addiction that consumes numerous hour-long (and sometimes two!) segments of my life. I forget who I am. I become an unbelievably long list of characters in an insane amount of situations and walks of life.

And thanks to Tivo, I never miss a beat.

I'm addicted to TV!

And honestly, I've become a bit embarassed, especially seeing as I DO have two kids that seem to require all this attention and stuff. Like food. And love. An all that other kid growing crap.

Then, I came across another (another!) blog last Friday (mightymaggie.com) and she reminds me of this totally awesome, yet occassionally socially recluse, mommy of 2 under 3, lover of Target, diagnoser of medical conditions via Dr. Internet, AND tv-addict = yours truly.

In college, Mary would stand in my doorway or in front of the couch begging to go "do something" but I'd be mid-program and unable to budge. People often think I spent the late high school era partying, when in fact I was in front of my mom's tv in the living room.

I checked my calendar last night so I'd know what lie ahead of me for the week:
Chase's check-up.
Conner's snack-day.
Grey's Anatomy 2-hour (!!) Premiere
Conner Dentist.

Not too bad (except: who actually schedules in tv on their calendar with their children's various appointments?? Really?) Then, I sat down to set up my week of programming via TiVo and I realized what a boob tube junkie I am.

House, Fringe (because I heart Joshua Jackson and the hubster approves!), Prison Break, THE HILLS!, The Sheild, 90210, GOSSIP GIRL!, MTV's crap (all 4 shows...), and then you have to add up all the medical incredible and jon and Kate plus 8's .... Etc etc etc. Oh, and don't forget it is football season and I bleed crimson for The Tide on Gameday. And I will also admit to a Rock of Love and I Love Money on VH1 when it's "in season". (edit: Oooh Oooh Oooh, and Project Runway, Tabitha's Salon Takeover, Top Chef, all the Housewives shows, The Rachel Zoe Project, Shear Genius, 'till death, The Colbert Report, blah blah blah).

So, since the mightymaggie mommy-blogger can proudly proclaim her guilty pleasure, and I don't ever do anything for ME, I'm fessing up!

I admit it - I LOVE TV!!!!!

I encourage all fellow addicts to come clean. It's ok. We can watch together!


  1. My TiFaux is my best friend. Did you see Mad Men won best drama last night? I LOVE THAT SHOW. LOOOOOVE.

  2. I DirecTv-o too.. but that doesn't sound as pretty ... At least not till now ;-). And I KNOW ! I've got to rent the beginning to catch up! WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL ME ABOUT MAD MEN BEFORE! Seriously. Like I can't use ANOTHER show...

  3. Oh my gosh!! I love fringe too. Joshua Jackson is super hot and just as cynical as i remember him. The line up of shows i record to my dvr is embarrassing. But hey without commercials I can fit them all into a good nap time. Sweet!!
    fringe, heroes, bones, john & kate, dirty jobs, big bang theory, ghost hunters, house, Grey's, lost, ace of cakes, October road(hopefully another season),and many more that are off season but wow..I too am a t.v. mom. The faster I can clean and bathe the kids the faster I can enjoy my show. Ha...we should have a t.v. junkie mommies anonymous watchathon disguised as a help group.


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