11 September 2008

My 9/11 Story

I was sitting in the second desk back, one row from the last near the window. It was AP Psychology and my Senior year of high school. Shortly after the bell rang, we began our usual discussions as a senior class which typically consisted of hot topics in the news.

Mrs. Green was a younger teacher and laid back, so the occassional stroll across the hall to the "bookstore/late check-in" room was expected. Kyndle, a friend who sat in front of me had just returned from such a trip and with fear in her eyes she announced from the doorway that something was wrong and we needed to watch the news.

Mrs. Green obliged and turned it to the first news station she came upon, MSNBC. It was shortly after 8, and the first World Trade Tower had just been hit.

We watched, glued and silent. I sat quietly as I witnessed the second plane slam into the second tower.

I cried. Not caring who was around me, who saw me. None of us cared. Mrs. Green addressed us - basically insuring us that what we were feeling... scared, uncertain and unsure was what we needed to feel. "If you pray..." she said "do it."

I did.

After AP Chemistry, the day went fast. We watched continous coverage as our teachers encouraged us to stay informed, stay involved, and understand that our country was bleeding.

After school, I had practice that remained uncancelled. To this day, I feel a sense of anger about it. I remember standing there in rollcall, our director saying a prayer and giving us a moment to reflect. I thought to myself "right now, those people are dyeing... trapped, burning... And you want us to practice?!"

We had no idea we'd be graduating into a post 9/11 world.

I hope I cry every 9/11. I hope it always chokes me up to see the footage I saw live that day. Because if I do, it means I'll never forget.

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  1. I love that last paragraph. I feel the same way.


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