15 October 2008

Banana Rimba

A conversation between Conner and I this morning over breakfast:

"What's dis say?"

"Umm... this says Apple Service Care for Amanda Zaremba [insert our address here]"

"Apple Service Care... Rimba?"

"Yes, Amanda Zaremba is mommy's name. What's your name?"

"Conner Rimba!"

"Haha... yes.. Zaremba. I'm surprised you can say that. Good job.... So what's mommy's full name?"

"Ummm... Momma Rimba!!"

"Well, to you it can be. But my first name is Amanda... just like your first name is Conner. Can you say 'Amanda Zaremba'?"

"[silence... then...] Banana Rimba ?!?"

I wonder if they'll let me put that on my checks.

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  1. sooo awesome!!! Haha love ya banana rimba!!


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