29 October 2008

Someone Get This Kid a Spending Account...

The commercial zombiefication continues:

"I NEEEEED That!" for the 1.2 millionth time Conner cries from the living room.

It's this: http://www.target.com/Lexibook-Groovy-Chick-FM-Organizer/dp/B001009ZCS/sr=1-5/qid=1225307328/ref=sr_1_5/175-3957251-9157035?ie=UTF8&rh=k%3Aelectronic%5Forganizer%5Fkids&page=1

(sorry, blogger's picture uploader is giving me hell)

(if you are lazy, like me, it's a pink electronic "daily organizer" for annoying brats kids...and not the exact same one, but similar)

The commerical ends with "Blah blah blah Daily Planner blah blah Batteries Not Included"
Then he shouts: "I NEEEEED TO PLAN MY DAY!! RIGHT! NOW!"

You know, in case he forgets to eat, play, eat, sleep, play, eat, play,sleep....

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  1. Hahaha, I feel your pain. The toy manufacturers have placed "for viewing pleasure only" all the most expensive toys for the children to see and beg for, OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLES. The robotic dinosoar for only 129.99 Wow what a deal!!And the life like pony for only 279.99 how realistic. It amazes me at the way the toys are placed in the clear boxes with a giant button to see the amazing things it does-only to have to drag your child away with white fingers grasped to the button. Thats why my kids will be shopping from a buggy this year.


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