09 October 2008

I hated the previous title, so I changed it to this.

It's so rare that I get a chance to fire up the archaic Mac in the dining room, but tonight... I'm playing the "I'm uploading pictures of the house so we can sell it" card. Nice.

Anyways, I could blog about the recent mouse infestation (we named him "Rodger"), but other than us having a furry friend living in our garage, there's not much to tell.

I could also tell you that Chase is pulling up on furniture and wanting SO DESPERATELY to walk... but... well, there's really no good excuse to pass that one up. But I CAN, oh... the power...

Moreover, I could elaborate on what a GIGANTIC pain IN MY REAR-MOTHER-FREAKIN'-END trying to sell a house in THIS MARKET with 2 kids and NO ONE TO HELP. Oh, and did I mention we have two dogs? Not two new dogs, the same ones... but they are doubly extra-ly annoying when showing a house. Sadly, no one has had the privilege of being shown our gorgeous home though. Here are some exclamation marks to express to you how I really feel. On the inside. - !!!!!!!

(But YOU too can OWN it, if you really really wanna) (And you wanna) (Escrow now?) (Seriously?)

I could also tell you about how the Market has eaten my husband. About how he has to close accounts because margin calls have caused numerous people thousands and thousands of dollars. About how much he hates to do this to clients, but it's a necessity of his job. And with no floor in sight, it's becoming way too common. I will tell you, though, that the LAST thing you need to do is pull your money out of the banks. That's how things fail. Trust that your less-than-$250,000 will be nice and cozy sitting at the bank. Oh, and also... don't short stocks... I know you can make oodles doing that right now, and it's an "essential marketing balancing thingy"... but seriously, it's just crappy. So don't.

Anyways... I WILL post some pics! Yay! (Chase's "you took my drink" face, Conner being an LSU fan for the day - someone's hand-me-downs, and Batman brushes his teeth, too!)

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